Disney and Harper Collins bring you a new app, ‘Ebookadabra’: A Review

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My little man loves a good book, so when I was invited to trial and review a new and upcoming app Ebookadabra, I was intrigued. It has been made my Moondog Books in partner with leading publishers like Disney, Harper Collins, Parragon and contains hundreds of books at the touch of a finger and great educational games and activities. I have tried different apps before with the little man and although initial interest was definitely there, it did fade at times. With Ebookadabra, however, as it is just a sea of books the small dude was captivated! Especially when he saw that it included his favourite characters from Disney movies such as Frozen, Finding Dory, Monsters Inc etc and stories we had read him at bedtime like ‘No Matter What’ and ‘Doing The Animal Bop’. This one is a winner.


As soon as I opened up the app the small mans attention was taken instantly, it is so colourful and even the loading bar is an animated space rocket which helps keep his attention from swaying in the loading stages!


Once the app is open there is an option to add your children one by one (with funny avatars too; the little man pointed to the monkey for his… naturally) and an adults area (I’ll talk more about that later!)

Once the childrens menu is loaded up the books are pre sorted into areas of interest such as Adventure, Princesses and Animals which each have three own little icon that the small dude can select depending what mood he is in; there’s also a bedtime area  with specifically chosen books best for getting the small ones in that sleepy state ready for rest. There are endless books to choose from and the little man loved scrolling through choosing his favourite ones.


Once you have chosen a book it does take a little while to load in certain but not long enough for his attention to divert from the screen at all. He was so patient and as the promise of the book he had chosen being opened up after loading he was more than happy waiting!

When you choose a book it is saved into ‘My Area’ (The icon for which is a treasure chest… inspired) which you can straight back to at any time and you will know all of your favourites are in there without having to search for them again!

There is also a nifty search bar where, if you are looking for something in particular, you can find it quickly.


After you read a book you earn a sticker which is used in the games section. The games are quite quick and simple, which was good for my little man actually as he is only two and he really enjoyed dragging the icons and letters around. They are really educational games too, the letters game reminded me of the good ol’ fashioned magic pencil on the TV show ‘Look and Read’ (anyone remember this!? Neil Morrissey and Through The Dragons Eye… classic childhood memories right there!)


The adults area is where my favourite feature of Ebookadabra resides; you can record your own voice reading the stories! If your child is anything like mine he loves Mama reading him a story and will sit three endlessly listening to me read if he could! He also doesn’t seem fond of the re-recorded voices on there for some reason and so, as generously the sound is optional, I turn it off and read the stories to him the he flicks through the pages with his cutely pointed little finger! He struggled to get into the while pointing thing so things like this really help that!


Yes the dinosaurs approved too!

I have also seen that you can write messages between accounts and suggest books if your little one uses it when you are not there and vice versa.

A lot of people are often wary and cautious of using apps and electronic devices with their children but when it supports natural and vital things like reading (don’t get me wrong I love a traditional book with actual pages more than anything else but when there are hundreds of inspiring and captivating books available in one place… genius), spelling, wordplay and counting you can’t go wrong.

I also feel that as we evolve as humans the necessity for children to be able to use such devices is increasing rapidly. I actually got asked on a parents meeting with the small mans nursery wether or not he could proficiently use an iPad! Schools are also more and more using technology to educate; it’s evolution baby!


Ebookadabra is also very reasonably priced, at just £5.99 a month – 99p at the moment for a short time only!- (just think how much you would spend on the hundreds of children books it contains!) which includes a free 30 day trial. It is still in the initial stages of being finalised and one the next few months they will be adding hundreds of additional books and features which is so exciting seeing as the small man already loves it! (The app tells you when new features are added to which is great)

I highly recommend it to any parent who is unsure of wether to try their little one on the whole ‘app’ thing… its pretty much like a child tailored version of the Kindle. Brilliant. You can find out more about Ebookadabra on their shnazzy website here or on the Appstore here.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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