Bloggy Bride goes on a ‘cluck’ing adventure: My Hen weekend


After the amazing Utterly Feral’s instalment of #bloggybrides last week you should now have pretty much all you need to know to organise your big day… But as the fateful event of the ‘hen do’ looms and you think, what on earth shall I do? Well lets just say I had a pretty good idea of my perfect shindig on the smaller scale budget we had set for everyone (we had been invited to some pretty expensive hens and stags and decided that we didn’t want to put people in that awkward situation where they cannot afford it or get the time off work etc…) We agreed we would just do something relatively local… and for 24 hours. I had my heart set on a night out and then a spa afternoon the next day and started organising things when I was put to a sudden halt by one of my head bridesmaids; “WE will organise this for you…” Amazing. SO without further ado I invite you to be part of my gorgeous weekend… my ‘hen do’ adventures. 


I really wanted to have a ‘hen’ that everyone, young or old, rich or poor could be included and could attend at least a part of it (we also realised it is just after Christmas so funds are tight…) So we went for a sort of ‘hen do’ pick’n’mix… having four different events that people could choose from.

We kicked off the night quite early as my lovely Maid of Honour had organised a cocktail making class for a few of us before a lovely tapas meal and the night our around town! The cocktail class was due to start at 5 so my awesome Momma missus Carly Stirling came to get ready and escort me from mine and we most definitely indulged in a cheeky few glasses of wino before we headed out… of course!


We met the gaggle before going to the class, as we were a bit early we shared a bottle f bubbly in the bar next door and donned our (very classy must I say…) sashes. They are just a must aren’t they?!


I was so impressed with the cocktail making class at Tiger Tiger, our hosts were so fun and greeted me with a shot of (very strong) rum before getting sparklers and flames out and making us a huge sharing cocktail with ALL the straws… Then we all took turns to go behind the bar and make a few cocktails each while they served up a selection of snacks (If your starting to drink cocktails and shots from 5 this was entirely tactically necessary… and delicious!)


My favourite cocktail was suggested for me as I said I loved Jack Daniels Honey… its sooooo good! So Charlie, the barman, made one with me on complete whim that was Jack Daniels Honey, honey, lemon juice and egg white… all shaken up. Sounds weird but OH MY GOODNESS… it was incredible!




The meal was booked at this amazingly quirky and RIGHT up my street tapas place called Sant Yagos in Southsea… my Maid of Honour chose it for me as she knew it was so me. And it totally was! It was gorgeous and the food was amazing. We were joined by more ‘hens’ at this point too… my following was amassing!


Now if you are familiar with the south coast you will know that Albert Road in Southsea is a perfect haunt for bar crawling quirk. The basement bar beneath the tapas joint was our first port of call… which I can’t believe I had never been to before! Quite cramped when its busy but super cute and had such a vintage vibe.


My Maid of Honour was FULLY prepared with a bag of photo props, flat shoes and umbrellas for everyone… just perfect bless her! Me and my sister took full advantage of the photo props!

There is also a place that my Maid of Honour had been dying to take me to called Gin and Olive… now Im not a massive fan of gin but they also have the biggest selection of Whisky which is my usual tipple of choice!


The crawl took us along to some other amazingly named venues, like The Fat Fox… amazing. We decided we wanted to dance… and we ended up in HB… a super cool gay club that got everyone in their dancing shoes! Super fun… but a quick glance at the clock suddenly, in a pure Cinderella moment, brought me to the realisation that it had got to 2.30am!! How had that happened!?


I arrived home at 3.30am… the latest I have been out since I had my little man and it was so great to just get out and let loose. Don’t get me wrong I do try and go out with my friends and the Mr often, to retain a sense of self identity, but its not the same as going what I call ‘out out’.

On a severe hangover, I don’t know how… but, I managed to get up bright and early as my carriage (taxi) awaited with my mum and maids of honour in it ready to meet everyone at the spa day that we had booked (thinking a day of pampering would be perfect for the day after!)


We did a bit of research and again, my superstar DJ of the whole event found a great deal at Skylark Spa that wasn’t too expensive that included a treatment, use of spa facilities and an afternoon high tea. Bargains.

Oh my goodness it was so relaxing. We had full use of the spa (which made me discover that I OD NOT like steam rooms or saunas… nope… FAR too hot for my liking! Felt like I was Icarus or a very overdone Christmas Turkey)


Bad photo… but I left my phone in my locker for the day to trust relax…

We each chose a half an hour treatment too which they did in turn through the day and wow I have never had a back massage that good. I have decided that it should be entirely necessary for every Mother to have a massage every couple of months in order to retain their sanity!


The afternoon tea was so good and we were really impressed that they kept refilling the plates of sandwiches and cakes if we needed more!


I mean just look at them… artwork on food form… just beautiful!



It was SUCH an amazing weekend and I felt so emotional (theres the alcohol…!) that everyone had made the effort to come and make it such a lovely time… and even though not everyone knew each other as I had lots of friends from different circles attend different parts, everyone couldn’t be nicer to each other and so many comments were made after at home nice everyone was!


This is the amazing lady I have to thank for this incredible weekend… my main lady!

I felt so lucky to have such an amazing support network of incredible women around me and can’t wait for my wedding day now! Bring it on!


Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.

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13 thoughts on “Bloggy Bride goes on a ‘cluck’ing adventure: My Hen weekend

  1. What a delightful weekend! That hangover was worth every aching minute 🙂 I must admit that cocktails sounds delicious and how lovely that your dear Mama could join in on the fun! Ended off with a Spa Day…. Heavenly! Congratulations. Looking forward to reading about the big day! #globalblogging

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  2. How amazing! It sounds like you had a perfect hen weekend and your Maid of Honour did a really amazing job! Lucky bride 🙂 Aww this has taken me back to reminisce about my hen do. I had such an amazing day and felt very lucky indeed to have such amazing friends just like you did. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

    Liked by 1 person

  3. omg we could definitely be friends in real life hahaha, I love jack daniels honey, I also love wine and taking shots, this is exactly what I would do for my hen do! thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!

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