The Rockin’ Valentines Guide: For him and for her.

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So I know there are a lot of you out there who don’t buy in to the whole ‘Valentines Day’ thing, and I have to agree that it is far too commercialised, red and plastic heart orientated; but there is some good that can come of its celebration. Love. And free chocolates of course! Now what I also know, is that you should show love and appreciation all year through; however what is the harm in having a day where you get the prerogative to just spoil yourself and your other half with some well earned adoration? Maybe you are trying to impress someone you are not yet in a relationship with, but are simply admiring. If your parents then it is vital to spend time as a couple, getting back to basics; Valentines Day provides a non excusable opportunity to reignite the spark! So if you need some inspiration… here is my favourite things to do and gift in my ONE… and ONLY (not now Chesney…) Rockin’ Valentines Guide. 


  1. Not On The For any present-age really, but for Valentines if you are struggling to think of anything ‘quirky’ or ‘unique’ enough for your beau… this is the place. No plastic, red tack here!
  2. Cinema. I don’t actually watch TV shows, I watch films; and the best place to watch films is, of curse, the cinema (especially if you get to have pick’n’mix and nachos!) Whatever your genre tastes there’s always something epic on, and dimly lit cinema stalls are always a great place to get romantically inclined (yawn/arm over shoulder tactic anyone?) Also watching a hugely loud film means less small talk to have to panic about. Winner.
  3. Dinner Date. All the food is always a good shout as everyone has to eat right?!Romantic-Dinner-Mini-Break-Bella-Italia-Italian-Food-Relationship-Advice-Parenting


    Me and the Mr eating out Italian style on his Birthday mini-break to Manchester

  4. Chocolate. Yes. All day long. My favourite chocolatier that I found after I had my little man (definitely sent myself a few boxes… I deserved it!) is Lily O’Brien’s. I wouldn’t buy chocolate boxes from anywhere else. They are truly sumptuous.
  5. Pamper. We mamas, all women actually, are busy bees and we rarely get a chance to just BREATHE. We crave a little down time to just relax and bask in serenity; to pamper ourselves and feel gorgeous! Phil Smith BE GORGEOUS is a newly discovered brand that seems to be on the mission of making women feel as fabulous as they really are. Valentines-Day-Gift-Guide-pamper-hair-productsI have been using the  ‘Hold On’ hairspray, which smells lush by the way, and as well as being my favourite shade of hot pink I am replay impressed wth the hold and lightweight feel. Valentines-Day-Gift-Guide-pamper-hair-products-blondeI have also been trying the ‘Blonde Bombshell’ collection which has been great for keeping brassiness at bay (The blondes nightmare am I right?!) They are a brand exclusive to Sainsbury’s so head over and pamper your princess (Just please remember their hair colour ok!?) Pampering your lady brings me neatly on to my next point which is from the brand…
  6. STORE This brand has been recently been brought to my attention and when I had a browse through the products they were promoting for Valentines I immediately fell in love with this Bath Caddy which would be utter perfection for busy Mommas striving to take some well needed chill out time in a hot, bubbly bath! AND you can seamlessly read while knowing your wine is safe!

    STORE Aquala Bath Caddy £45


    So this is just ingenious right?!

  7. For him. I was inspired by the previous company STORE whilst browsing their Valentines collection and thought this Tablet & Remote Control Store was stylish yet super useful. We constantly battle with where to put our remotes in a place that is within reach (lazy I know…) and that isn’t the arm of the sofa as they fall off the edge every time there is the minutest movement (I’m sure were to alone in this daily trauma!) You can take a gander at ‘The Place for Everything’, STORE, here.

    Tablet & Remote Control Store £19

    I have also found an amazing website called Menkind which offers some incredibly unique gifts (My favourite is the Stormtrooper decanter)

  8. Jewellery. Every woman loves jewellery right? After all… diamonds are a girls best friend. Well even if they’re not every woman wears even just the odd bracelet or earring so why not treat her to something a little more unique that she would normally wear to make her feel as gorgeous on the outside as she truly is! Rock n Rose has some of the most unique and beautiful jewellery I have seen in a long time… it’s truly beautiful.
  9. Get Creative. Last valentines, and this actually, we have been saving for our wedding (which is next month now… eeek!) so I had to get creative with Valentines. I am a pretty crafty soul so I raided my craft room and found an old frame and a set of old fashioned plastic keys that I had knocking about; I glued the key on to some vintage paper and surrounded it with the words ‘You are the…. to my heart’. Didn’t cost me a cent and the Mr now has it in pride of place on his bedside table! Handmade gifts could be baked goods, cooking a lush dinner, getting creative in the bedroom (wink wink, nudge nudge) or even just leave some loving notes around the house for them to find.
  10. Thats a Wrap. To finish off your giftage, if that is the way you are going, I would definitely recommend buying from this brilliant personalised wrapping paper company, Dom and I was offered to use the service and by just using my partners name and a photo of us together they created a range of incredible papers that were vintage inspired; as typography and all things vintage are totally my thing (and my partners) I was totally impressed actually! I have ordered printed wrapping paper before and it has been just… paper. Like an A3 sheet of paper, which was a little too thick to wrap with, but this stuff is lightweight and great to wrap with! There are tons of designs to choose from too. Definitely worth having a look at.

    I just LOVE the typography paper and am definitely keeping it safe for Birthdays!


I hope these tips help you to plan a fantastic Valentines Day, again I realise that we should show our appreciation daily for our spouses, but what the hell… whats wrong with accepting some chocolate and indulging in grabbing a babysitter and catching your favourite film or eating your favourite food?! Go have fun!

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.

One Messy Mama

19 thoughts on “The Rockin’ Valentines Guide: For him and for her.

  1. You two are sickeningly adorable! 🙂

    I really need the bath caddy. Something that holds my drink while I’m in the tub? That’s brilliant. I think I like to be pampered most on Vday. Rub my feet and buy me a pizza and we’re good to go!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nothing wrong with a little pampering! LOVE that wine holder for the bath, I simply must invest in one. !! We are enjoying a night out on V-day , a little Japanese cuisine, mainly because it’s usually McDonalds with the kids 🙂 Great guide! #globalblogging

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can I have everything on this list!? I’m mostly down with the pamper sesh. I neeeeeed a massage, I think I might ask this as a bonus Valentine’s day gift haha. I also love a dinner date (with loads of wine). Loving this list, thanks so much for sharing with #stayclassymama!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! Everyone loves the bath caddy… that been the most popular item on there I think! ohhh yes massages are SO good for escaping reality and just finding a moment of deep calm and inner peace. ❤


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