‘Women, Motherhood & Independence’: A Review & Interview with inspiring author Penelope Magoulianiti

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When I was asked to review the book ‘Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Confidence & Beauty after Birth’, I was immediately struck with wonder and awe at the concept behind it. It seemed perfectly in fitting with what I also hope to inspire in women through Rock and Roses Mama; that you CAN achieve success and still be an amazing Mama, it IS possible to balance YOU and your children. I was sent a little about author Penelope and felt a kinship on her mission in supporting women and mothers everywhere to succeed in their niche. When asked if I would like to Interview her also, I was even more pleased. So I am sharing Penelope’s, and my own, passions with you all in the hope it will inspire you to feel supported to go  forth and achieve your dreams! 


I love a good read, and I especially love a good ‘self help’, feel good and supportive book. When I was sent ‘Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Confidence & Beauty after Birth’ I was so drawn in to its pages that I had finished it within about half an hour! And I could read it again and again, when I need a source of inspiration and support!

‘Women, Motherhood & Independence’ will help you ‘reclaim your life’ and support you to find your venture and make it become a reality with it’s perfect variety of chapters. It covers all aspects of rocking your post baby life as a bonified Mumboss, including; setting goals and achieving them (successfully… we all know we try to do this and fail miserably! The list just gets longer and longer right?!), getting shit done with our littles in tow, financial independence, healthy eating and exercise to help you build confidence in yourself and improving your relationship with your other half.

It is my belief that we can achieve anything we want, in life if we are clear about what it is that we want, make a commitment to become successful, and then take the necessary steps and actions required to achieve that success – Penelope Magoulianiti


So wether you are already trying to push your vision to the next level or you have no clue what you want to do with your life but don’t just want to be ‘a Mother’ (as lets be honest, it doesn’t solely define us… we are made for so much more alongside rocking Motherhood!) ‘Women, Motherhood & Independence’ will support and guide you through this seemingly mammoth mission; it will help you focus, chill and realise your dreams!

Penelope has been kind enough to offer a free copy of ‘Women, Motherhood & Independence: A Guide to Financial Freedom, Confidence & Beauty after Birth’ to one of you lucky Mamas. To enter the giveaway head over to my Instagram (then all you will need is a cup of your favourite beverage, cosy curling up clothes and cake… always)

I was asked to interview Penelope and you can read this below. I am in awe of how she has taken from her experiences and shared her knowledge; empowering women and Mothers everywhere to believe in themselves and realise their potential.

  1. What inspired you to share your experiences and insights with women everywhere in book form? 

When my first child was born, I found myself very “confused” and overwhelmed. Before I became a mother I was a career woman, a perfectionist and with many unfulfilling goals in line. Then motherhood came and even though I was ecstatic and extremely grateful for my beautiful, healthy child, I found it very hard to adjust to my new role. It took more than a year to finally understand that what I had to do was to stop trying to live my life as it was before my child was born, and find new ways to balance my family and work life.

The biggest breakthrough came when I understood that I was carrying many negative beliefs; beliefs that were making me miserable. So slowly, I’ve started replacing my negative beliefs with more positive ones. I’ve managed this by reading, attending seminars, listening to online programs but most importantly implementing the new strategies and techniques I’ve learned. All these allowed me to structure my day better, finding more time to relax and do the things I love. Being able to breathe again, it was the best gift I could give to myself!

Also, while speaking and interacting with other mothers, I’ve realised that I wasn’t the only one facing these kind of issues. It seemed to me that we all had similar struggles and this is how the idea of the book emerged.

  1. Is there anything you have found particularly challenging in writing the book? Or was it easy to reach out? 

I had to become very creative with my time. I set a target writing every day for 90 minutes. Every evening when my kids were sleeping I was writing. In order to be able to write I blogged all distractions; no email notifications, social media interruptions, calls or visits were allowed.

Once I had the structure of the book, the rest came easy.

  1. Is this the first time you have ever written? Or was it a passion that you have fought to move forward with? 

I always wanted to write a book but for many years I felt that I had nothing meaningful to say. I love books, I have hundreds of books and one of my dreams was to see one of mine published.

  1. You link to your website frequently, is this where you hope to move forward in supporting and inspiring women and mothers? 

My mission is to inspire and empower women to step up and to create success on their own terms. I want women to understand how beautiful, charismatic and unique we all are and I am doing this through my speeches (both locally and internationally) and through my online programs.

  1. You use a lot of quotes from inspirational figures throughout your book, are these people that you previously found inspiring to you? 

Yes, my mentor and the man who saved my life is Anthony Robbins. I am one of his Master University graduates and I study his work daily. I also have many other mentors which I am learning from them. So every time I come across a quote that I like I note it down and I use it when I think it is appropriate.

  1. Do you feel you have more to say? Can we expect more from you in a series of self help books perhaps? 

I love sharing my knowledge. I am fortunate to be able to travel the world and learn from the best. What I am learning I want to share with others. Life is a gift and we need to learn to enjoy it every single day. I know that is not always easy. I’ve been struggling for many years, so yes, I am already working on my second book. It is going to be based on a story (a real story) and I hope that with this way I am going to inspire more women to follow their dreams and create the life they desire.

  1. Can we expect to see your book in print in the future? 

My first book, “Women, Motherhood & Independence” is already in print and is translated in three languages (English, Greek and Spanish). My dream is to see my book on the NY Best Seller list. It is doable and I am working towards this goal.

  1. Mamas are busy bees, when and where do you find are the best times to relax and unwind, and perhaps write? 

Each one of us has different timetable but what we have in common is the ability to plan our days. When we plan our day, we should include time to relax.

Let me explain; before my day ends, I plan the next one. I always have five things on my to-do list that I need to do before my day is over. Those five things are the most important things for me and which are going to help me achieve my goals; personal and professional. So when I finish the five things I tend to take a short break. I have even created a task list for this; I call it the “Task List for Mums”.  If you want it, please email me at info@penelopemagoulianiti.com and I will send it to you.

It doesn’t matter if you are not working; a stay-at-home mum has responsibilities too. To give you an example: for me, it is extremely important to be able to spend quality time with my husband and nurture my relationship – that is one of my five goals; spend quality time with my husband each evening where we connect, talk and plan and support each other.

  1. Do you have any tips for mothers that don’t feel they have the support around them to achieve their passions and dreams? 

We need to understand that we are responsible for our dreams. We need to learn to plan and strategise.

I will share with you one of the techniques I am using:

For each goal I have, I break it down into ten steps by starting from the end result. Step number 1 will be the goal achieved, step number 2 – what needs to happen just before I achieve this goal, step number 3 …. etc.

By doing this I force myself to think of the solutions and the steps but also breaking the goal into smaller action steps, then the goal doesn’t seem unachievable.

Then, you plan your day as I have explained before, the five most important things I need to do in order to achieve the specific result or outcome.

I would also recommend to stop spending time in front of the TV or social media chatting with our so called friends. A real friend is the one that you pick up the phone or you are making the effort to spend time with him or her and connect.

The average American, based on a recent report, is spending five hours a day watching TV. Television doesn’t help us grow, television doesn’t educate us. We can use this time to learn a new skill, work towards our dream, set up the plan on how to achieve our goal and actually start working towards our goal.

  1. Lastly, where can my readers connect with you?


I have a present for all your readers; I have recently finished my new eBook called, “How to escape from a Stressful and Unfulfilling Life”. They can download it for free at www.thelife-youdesire.com

They can also connect with me via email for any questions at info@penelopemagoulianiti.com

or follow me at:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/CreateTheLifeYouDesire/


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/PenelopeMagou

*This is a collaborative post.

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10 thoughts on “‘Women, Motherhood & Independence’: A Review & Interview with inspiring author Penelope Magoulianiti

  1. A great interview. Anthony Robbins was one of my old clients when he first brought his philosophy to the UK in the 90’s and he is an inspirational man in a league of his own so if Penelope is one of his graduates I can imagine she is very focused and driven. #

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  2. Great interview! Breaking goals down into steps really works for me too. And planning the days in advance is key otherwise it all just goes to sh*t otherwise! Thank you for linking up to #globalblogging

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