A farewell to nap time: When your child grows out of their afternoon nap


Over the past few months we have been struggling to encourage the little prince to indulge in his afternoon snooze, which has been quite frustrating and to be honest due to the time of year we put it down to Christmas. Eating habits tend to shift over the festive period and we figured clearly it was affecting his sleeping schedule (bed time was proving a little more trying than usual too) and it would soon get back into routine once Christmas had relinquished the normality of everyday. But alas… we were wrong. It seems that ‘nap time’ has faded just like the baubles and hoards of wrapping paper; it seems that ‘nap time’ was slowly becoming grown out of. Farewell nap time, you have served me well. 


Nap time was a treasured part of my day, and much like all of you I’m sure it was a more than welcomed gap of time in your busy schedule that you could plan in all the things you could do child free.

It was of utmost importance to me to spend this time wisely and in a state of relaxation doing things that would calm my soul. If you need any advice and ideas on how to wisely seen ‘nap time’ and effectively convert in into ‘me time’ see my post all about it here.

When the struggle to pop your little one down for said nap begins, whenever your childs may be, panic ensues.

What ever am I going to do? When will I get everything done?

I think the key thing is to embrace the fact that your child will not have an afternoon nap forever more, however epic that would be! Also, that by the time your child is old enough to relinquish their nap they will hopefully be wise enough to be able to entertain themselves or have some ‘downtime’ so that you can take a break in the day to enjoy a relaxing portion of time.

I am currently writing this as my small man watches Beauty and The Beast and has a tea party with his dinosaurs, Woody and Anna from Frozen. The only thing that differs now is that if I wish to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake (or anything sweet preferably!) I know I am going to have to share it with the small man once he clocks it. No more are the days where I can chill solo.

There is always after bedtime I suppose, but then I also treasure that time with my partner as it is super important to build your relationship and maintain that closeness after having children. So I begrudgingly take time out of ‘couple time’ to have a lovely bath to myself, candles and all. Luckily, my man understands the importance of Mama time when ‘nap time’ is no more and will even occasionally prepare me a swanky, candlelit bath as a surprise!

On the odd occasion my little dude will fall asleep on the sofa of an afternoon, but time is fleeting and the window of opportunity is much less than it was.

I’m thinking of encouraging a ‘quiet time’ every afternoon and building into his routine so that I have a, albeit not child free but close enough, similar space of time in my day to chill. kick back and do all of the things I wish to do for ME.

So I implore you ladies, indulge yourself during nap time. Embrace and grasp the opportunity to do something for YOU with both hands.

Farewell nap time, you have served me well. 

Have you suffered the cease of your childs afternoon snooze? How did you cope? Have you smoothly made the transition?

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2 thoughts on “A farewell to nap time: When your child grows out of their afternoon nap

  1. Oh gosh this terrifies me! I love nap time! We’ve only just started to get proper nap time as previously Jacob was cat napping here and there but I’ve become more strict about cot naps. I hope you manage to get quiet time very frequently!

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