Nap time tips: How to cherish and spend your child’s nap time wisely

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There is a time in every Mothers life when the daily moment of solace then we call ‘nap time’ will come to an end. So I plead with you to cherish it with all of your being while it is still an entity in your household. I have unfortunately fallen victim to the death of ‘nap time’ and for this I am currently in mourning (I will talk about this in my weekly musing) but today I am reaching out to you to encourage, no implore, you to cherish your child’s nap time with these useful tips.


Set a routine time each day as your childs ‘nap time’. Children live by routine and if they are used to getting some chill out time n the form of a little snooze at the same time every day they will be more prepared for sleep and its coming will not be a struggle for you or for them.

When I return home from work around midday I know that the little man will have had his lunch, be all full and sleepy and more than ready for some quality chill out time on the sofa with Momma. This will, without fail, result in him falling asleep so I can transfer him into his bed and then get down to ‘me time’.

Have an idea in your mind about what you want to achieve in the ‘me time’ available. Not every child will sleep for the same time every day but you can pretty much average out the time you can assume they will be having their well needed beauty sleep. For me I knew I had about at least an hour and a half  window before I had to consider retrieving the small dude and bringing him back downstairs.

I always like to have a plan in my mind of what I wanted to do in todays ‘me time’ as then I don’t find myself procrastinating with menial tasks, like the household chores, checking social media etc… If you get carried away with things, before you know it that baby monitor will be going off and ‘me time’ is wasted.

Ensure your surroundings are calm and without distraction. Be at one with yourself, let go of all of your usual suspect distractions. Yes that means your phones ladies! … and laptops for that matter! Technology as a whole is probably a big no no; we all do it, tell ourselves we are just going to quickly catch up on our notifications and before we know it half an hour has passed us by.

Do yourself a favour and let it go. Let calm encapsulate you, technology free. I’m certain your head will thank you eternally for that time every day.

Spend this time doing something that YOU want to do… something that will bring you inner peace and calm. We Mommas are busy bees and we very rarely get a spare minute to ourselves. ‘Nap time’ is prime Momma time. Use it wisely reaching a state of relaxation to re-energise and let go of life troubles for just a little portion of your day.

Some ideas to inspire you could be…

  • Run a hot bubbly bath


  • Get in your ‘comfy clothes’, make a hot mug of your favourite beverage (…or alcoholic of your day has called for it!) and have some cake (or anything sweet really… if it has a high sugar content, I’m in!)


  • Catch up on that TV show or film you have been meaning to watch but never have the opportunity to
  • Exercise if thats what your thing; exercise releases endorphins (the happy vibes!). I love a good 30/40 mins WHILE I watch one of MY films on my exercise bike.
  • I wouldn’t usually condone using this ‘me time’ to do business stuff but if you really have no other opportunity and it is something you enjoy like taking photos of products for review or writing a post, book or crafting then go for it!


  • Read a book. Get lost in its pages


  • Do some baking/cooking. Check out some lusciously delicious recipes here.


  • If your a gamer then go play!
  • Have a nap yourself!


I am currently planning and decorating my wedding so I would recently take this opportunity of child free solace to get some of that done.

Remember you deserve it! Tell yourself if you must… but always remember that you are a human being that deserves a little rest time in the midst of the chaos that is running a family and a household (and that is without the stresses of running a career, whatever that might be… and also for me, organising a wedding!)

Im sure your family will appreciate that you have taken some time out of your day to recharge your batteries and remember who you are and what you enjoy. A little indulgence and TLC for YOU.

Mama it up without losing YOU

… this should be the essence of ‘nap time’, a transformation into ‘me time’.

It is important to note that if your child has one of those days where they just won’t settle and are too energised for a nap, go with the flow and enjoy that extra time with them. Nap time should never be a chore. Tomorrow is another day.

Relax. Unwind. Chill.

When the time comes that those precious moments are no more, you don’t want to regret that beautiful time you once had that was wasted.

What do you get up to during ‘nap time’? Do you truly cherish it and use it wisely?

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12 thoughts on “Nap time tips: How to cherish and spend your child’s nap time wisely

  1. Hmmm…I feel we are desperately clinging on to the last few months of naptime. The only thing keeping me sane about that is the exchange of naptime with one morning a week of me time courtesy of nursery! Seriously though – me time is precious and ain’t no drop of it being wasted in this house 😉
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

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    1. Haha yeunfourtunately for us I am always working when the little man is at nursery… come this September I will have more freedom when he goes to pre school… but I’m banking on introducing a ‘quiet time’… it is SO precious isn’t it?! Glad there no nap time being wasted at yours! I feel I need to search out all of the wasted nap time and save it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember those naptimes so well always got loads done like sleep haha super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

    Liked by 1 person

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