We’ve been featured! Elegant Steps’ Wedding Blogger top tips

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After the popularity of the spanking new #bloggybrides series, run by myself and three other fabulous bloggers,  I was approached to give my top tips on planning your wedding for Elegant Steps. This was quite surprising as the ‘Wedding Blogger’ thing is quite new to me but as a blushing bride myself (… only two months to go… Eeeeek!) I was totally on board wth sharing my infinite wedding wisdom (well… maybe not wisdom… or infinite for that matter!) with the masses. 

As you can see in my first post for the #bloggybride series (use the hashtag to find us on Twitter too) I am a lover of all things craft and my all time top tip for the bridal massive is to get your craft on! Or if you are not particularly gifted, or even just partially given, in the creative department, call upon those around you to lend a hand.

It will save you so much money and will look way more personal and unique than anything you can but pre/mass made.

– Elegant Steps – Wedding blogger tips – An infographic by the team at Elegant Steps Silver Shoes –

I am also really fond of the tip volunteered by Jessi Lou Blog; always invest in spending some time on Pinterest creating a Wedding inspo board to collate all of your many floating ideas of what you want your special day to look like.

I also personally used an amazing app to create a Mood Board of all of the stunning images I found on Pinterest just to refine my theme and colour choices and set a straight forward path forward in terms of making everything fit that theme and those colours.

I loved it so much and would be open to helping out anyone who needs some inspiration or help with making their wedding personal and unique with the brilliance of creativity of mind and a little bit of crafting know how. Just drop me a line brides to be.

Thank you to Elegant Steps for featuring me and giving me confidence in my craft!

Have you got any golden Wedding tips an tricks?

*This is a collaborative post*

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