Get organised and rock 2017 with MUMs Office: A Review

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I have always been partial to a diary; I tend to try not to use digital means too frequently for my day to day activities, just list making. No, your day to day life needs a good ol’ fashioned diary and so in contrary to previous years I sought out to find a ‘family’ diary that would help me organise my growing family and busy lifestyle. I had a look at a few styles but the exceptional reviews steered me towards the MUM’s Office brand. I ordered a snazzy burn orange number and waited impatiently for the post man to bring me my epic tool for rocking 2017 and truly getting organised.


I was not disappointed. Initially I thought that it could have been bigger but to be honest size isn’t everything and this cheeky little number manages to squeeze in a multitude of exceptionally helpful pages within its vibrant shell.


I was firstly struck with excitement when I spotted the attached elasticated pen holder along the side (… you know your a Mum when you get elated at the sight of a pen holder attached to a diary…) Just this alone made it all the worth while.

On opening this little beauty you become amazed at the thought that has gone into making this a humorous yet geeky addition to your life. There are pages for everything… honestly. I don’t think I have ever seen a diary with more packed into it!


Pages for phone numbers, useful dates to remember, school holidays and travel plans, useful dates to remember (ALWAYS a necessity if your anything like me and have NO idea when term times or bank holidays are!)

I am particularly fond of the ‘In case I lose my mobile’ pages, as mentioned previously I am not a fan of relying totally on the advancement of technology. I like books and paper and pens!


The quip ‘let the grid take the strain’ literally made me laugh out loud. The main bulk of the diary has a two spread page week; to the left is a standard Monday – Sunday deal and to the right is a grid which is GENIUS. You can pop in the names of each sibling or partner (I used mine for work, the Mr, little man and ‘to do’s’)


This set up is so super helpful if like me you get a bit stressed out at the sight of a crammed day where you are desperately finding space to write in everyones daily activities etc.


It even has a sly little pocket at the book for important documents you need to keep hold of… instead of getting lost in the abyss of your bag!


I highly recommend this to any Mama who is looking to be free of the strain of organising a whole family day to day. Don’t be put off by the price either, they retail at £14.95 which I did think was a little much than I would usually spend on a diary but trust me it is a lifesaver. You aren’t just paying for a diary, if you know what I mean, you are paying for a stress free life for a busy Mama!


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