Bloggy Bride gets crafty: A handmade Wedding


*waves* So this is my first submission for the #bloggybrides massive. I was super excited when the amazing Clara over at Utterly Feral organised this clan after a joint thought process between four of us one night on Twitter. Naturally she launched the series, which will take place every Sunday and each one of us will post once per month, check out her amazingly gorgeous post ‘Bloggy Brides: Clara finds her engagement ring!’ and the Bloggy Bride debut here. I am psyched to write about all things Wedding as mine looms just two months away and today I wanted to share with you all how to get inventive and create your dream wedding on a budget by getting crafty.


I have always been very artistic and with a natural flare for design and so when I got engaged my mind was a flurry with ideas and creations that I could conjure to make it unique and personal. I had always been an avid believer in gold and navy as my wedding colours and the options for this were endless (I mean gold spray paint can just about make anything look elegant right?! Cue dinosaurs and The Beatles figurines getting blasted…)

Me and the Mr are also very into our music and combined are quite a musical force to be reckoned with so obviously HAD to incorporate this into our theme. It ended up becoming our theme and every little detail is centred around music, gold and navy!

I was intent on making almost everything decorative, as much as I was able to, myself… to save funds. We are determined to save for the day ourself, part of our day is knowing that we have made it our own. Financially too.

The biggest things that needed sorting were the Save the Dates, Invitations, Bouquets and Centrepieces. We had decided early on that as the Mr collects vinyl we would use them as our invites. Luckily I took a design degree in my younger years so Photoshop became my best friend! I sought out some A4 sticker paper, lovely textured card and envelopes and set out designing our perfect invites. The Mr’s job was to source the vinyls and we spent a fun evening picking out ones that matched with everyones personality!


They were so well received and I really enjoyed making them! So cost effective and so personal! I also designed the Save the Dates and Hen Party invites to a similar style and theme.

I had actually been dreading making the bouquets as I had got it into my head that I wanted to make all of the flowers myself out of paper; specifically music sheets (I have an abundance of music books from my clarinet playing days as a kid)

So music sheet paper flowers… Sounds glorious doesn’t it? Well it is when you make maybe a handful of flowers but once you’ve made just one bequests worth it gets boring very quickly! Not to mention I had to make the same flowers, just miniature versions, for the button holes… kill me now.


I recruited the help of the Mr (he like using the glue gun as it made him feel manly i think!) and they actually took a lot less time; we got a good production line going on!


 I was also dreading arranging them with the faux roses and dried gypsophila I had bought online as I had no clue about flower arranging… but they were totally addictive and I wished I had more bridesmaids so I could make more.


They came out stunningly. Exactly as I had imagined. You know that feeling when you have to make something yourself and you fear that it will look absolutely nothing like what you have dreamed of? That was me. But now I am so confident with crafting my visions and loved doing it!


The centrepieces I had to call upon the creative genius that is Pinterest. I didn’t really have a clue what to do despite attending two weddings last year. But with the help of some amazing wedding boards and a very inventive bridesmaid I was set on a collection of bottles and jars (collected by us and our families, washed out and de-labelled) that we spray painted in gold and navy. I do love a bit of glitter and definitely bought a whole kilo of glitter to dip half of the bottles and jars in too… so fun!


I returned to the music sheets and simply rolled up some of those and poked them into the tops pf the jars. Others I am popping in a few left over paper roses and I also dipped some feathers in gild glitter that Ill be putting int he tops of some of the bottles too. Im thinking candles in one jar on each table too?

I can’t wait to see what it all looks like on the day on the tables! We’re having vinyls as our placemats and table numbers so it all ties in.

I have really enjoyed making everything so far… it has been so fun letting my creativity go wild (Im going to miss it! Any brides need a hand!?) and I think I have will be bursting with pride on the day knowing that I did it all myself and that it (hopefully) looks so beautiful. There is also the safe knowledge that no one else will have the same decorations, or anything, as we will and that our wedding is so personal and unique.

Did you craft your wedding decor yourself? Did you manage to marry on a budget?

Next week #bloggybrides will be over on the Lady Law Student blog so keep your eyes peeled!


Clara from Utterly Feral, Catriona from Lady Law Student, Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris.




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