How to rock your Moms night out: 5 Top tips

Top Rockin' Tips

I love a Moms night out; wether you are  just embarking on the search for a cheeky beverage with a friend, taking the opportunity to go out stuff your face with as much luscious food that you can while you are child free, catching that movie you have been wanting to go and see or going all out on a drunken night of festivities, it is imperative that you make some time out for you. You deserve it after all that stressful parenting  and housekeeping malarkey that we Moms do day to day; we spend so much time on our families that we often forget us. So here are my top tips to make the whole entity of having one of those elusive, but essential, ‘Moms night out’ a little more achievable.


1. Preparation is key.

I tend to, like most body conscious, post baby, aware that they are not as slender legged as they used to be Mommas, take a few days even weeks to mull over what on earth I am going to wear to best rock my night with said figure.


This was my New Years Eve outfit… the fringing is the bottom of a lace, black dress and I wore a sheer cream shirt with gold spikes on the collar over it.

I find the easiest way of preparing my outfit is to find something you are comfortable with a few days before; try it on with all the accessories. We’re talking jewellery, shoes, underwear, hair, bag and jacket; this way you will know that you feel confident in the outfit and that it works without getting to the day and getting in the ‘Ive got nothing to wear whilst standing in front of a busting full wardrobe’ stage.

Hang the whole shebang on the back of your wardrobe doors and pop the accessories on the hanger or on the floor underneath and then you won’t have to scrabble around trying to find everything when you don’t have time to spare or when your time could be better spent pre drinking (See later point!)

2. My all time top tip that has made nights out So much easier and stress free for me are getting dressed and getting ready BEFORE you pop your bubba to bed.

You can always touch up if needed after but at least all the tough work is done and if they don’t go to sleep at first or they choose the extra long bedtime story as they secretly, somehow, know that you are leaving them for a night of fun. How dare you!

Then once the small peeps are fast asleep all you have to concentrate on is…

3. Pre-drinking! To.The.Max.

Well I would hope that all of you had this one down a long time ago but if you need reminding, pre-drinking is where it is AT. Parents as a bunch don’t tend to have that much money set aside for ourselves, even though we know we should as we are important too. Most of our pennies get sucked up by our hoovers of children and houses.


Im a whiskey and coke kinda gal when Im pre-drinking… whats your tipple?

Pre-drinking, even if it is just a small tipple, will help substantially and also get you into the spirit (see what I did there!?) of things before that daunting moment where you actually have to leave your house in a dress and heels with your legs not covered by leggings or jogging bottoms!

4. Know your limits. Ok… what the hell… she’s being sensible?! God forbid!

But seriously it is very important to know your limits and your poison of choice just to save those cringing moments that happen to us all the next morning when we realise that yes… we were pretending the floor was a piano and yes… we did film ourselves dancing badly to ‘Don’t stop me now’ by Queen whilst waving a glass of wine around in one hand which was slowly spilling and turning the dance floor into a rose coloured puddle.

New Years Eve Photo Booth

Photo booths and props are amazing when you’re a little tipsy… let hilarity ensue! I completely forgot about these pictures until they surfaced about a week later!

5. Embrace.

Take deep breaths and embrace the need for you time. We are all so super bust as Mommas that we totally deserve a night out to let our hair down and just have a few laughs with our friends.


We work extraordinarily hard for our families and we rarely consider the need to let loose save insanity ensuing. Don’t ever feel guilty about enjoying yourself as a Mother; a happy Momma makes for a happy home. Seriously.

So go forth… have fun! Let me know if any of these tips helped you and if you have any of your own to share.


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14 thoughts on “How to rock your Moms night out: 5 Top tips

  1. Love this so much. Especially not feeling guilty! We all need and deserve nights out and I’m scheduling regular ones here as the nights out I had last year were so fun and made me feel myself again. It’s self-care so you can be strong for everyone else x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you… and definitely! Its so good for the soul and is totally self-care. I think a lot of mothers feel like they’re not being good Moms if they go out and enjoy themselves but there is definitely a balance to be had not only for our sanity but that of our family too. Happy Mama = happy family for sure ❤


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