Stressed out Mama? Top tips to beat stress from ITV’s ‘This Morning’

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I was watching ITV’ This Morning… this morning… (I have to admit that i don’t ordinarily actually pay much attention to morning shows as I am attempting to finally eat my breakfast after sorting out everyone else and indulging my little man in playing for a while) and I was for the first time enthralled by the new feature that Lorraine Kelly hosts called ‘Brand New You’. It is a thread that aims to give daily advice and inspiration to women wanting to refresh and detox their bodies for 2017. Today the instalment focussed on stress and it really interested me enough to feel the need to share in with you lovely ladies, and men, as I feel that parents need to find time for themselves to destress most of all! 


Lorraine conducted a survey that showed a whopping two thirds of us feel stressed. Well thats not cool!

What particularly resonated with me was that one of the women was a mother. She felt that her reasons for needing to destress were as she tends to put everyone but herself first in life. Im pretty positive we can all relate to that! Amen sister!

We are a busy bunch us parent types and whatever your job, day to day routine or family size we all put pretty much everyone in our household before ourselves as we think this is just how you parent right? Wrong.

As life coach Will Foster has explained daily life can get us feeling down and demotivated which has a knock on effect to our family and friends. Happy Mama = Happy Baby right?!

There are some pretty simple ways to de-stress and I have rambled on about them previously.

I personally think that a massive one is finding time for YOU. We tend to forget about ourselves so taking some time out to simply have a relaxing bath or reading a book will do the trick.

Spending quality time with friends or as a couple. Super important to keep your relationships healthy as they are also your support network when you are down.

Will explains how if you follow his ‘DAMP’ method can be an easy way of managing stress.

D- Be disciplined. Sometimes you need to firstly set aside some time to write down what things would make you happy.

A- Be assertive. You need to start putting you first when you can. Learn to say no.

M- Mindfulness and meditation. Take time out when you feel yourself getting stressed and do what Will calls a ‘mini-med’ where you breathe and let go of all irrational thoughts.

P-Perfection. Do not strive for it. Remember that someone else image of perfection that they have posted on social media is not always the reality of their life. Social media can be sugar coated so be aware of that and steer clear of comparing yourself. Life is not perfect and that’s ok!

To be honest you really need to watch the feature over on the ITV Website. Watch Will in action!

I loved this feature so much I actually rewound it to make notes!

I really also hope this helps you all in de-stressing lovely people. If you have your own ways of managing stress what works for you?


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