Our first New Year’s Eve together: Photo Booth fun, fireworks and festivities


So it occurred to me this morning, as I was dragging my sleep deprived body to work at 5.30am in a hope that the fresh winter air would drive some degree of work ethic into my eyes so that they would remain open, that just one week ago was New Years Eve. Now this made me smile as this year was the very first year that me and my man have ever spent New Years Eve together. We are usually miles apart, separated by a guitar and a baby. The Mr is the guitarist in Rock of the Pops and I have stayed at home solo with the little man asleep all tucked up oblivious to the nights frivolities. This year, it was going to be different, the frivolities were to come in the form of photo booths, fireworks and fun.

New Years Eve with Rock and Roses Mama

In a twist of fortune, the Mr’s band decided that they were to take a year out from gigging New Years Eve to enable them to spend it with loved ones. It is so important to spend time with your partner any time of the year and for us this seems like a special evening to spend  having some fun together. As a couple.

Amazing! My first reaction was that I would be over the moon not to be repeating the last few years of me watching Jools Holland’s Hootenanny, counting down whilst crying into my glass of wine and then going into the small prince’s room to watch the fireworks from his window and whispering “Happy New Year…” to his little sleeping face.

Yes. This year we would party on down and do the whole ‘kissing at midnight’ thing, we would run wild with sparklers under the stars, we would drink cocktails and be merry.

… and we certainly did.


I used my Christmas NEXT vouchers bestowed upon me by the Mr’s Grandparents and bought me a spangly new dress for the occasion and everything. Paired wth my leopard print Vans and a sheer gold shirt I was rocking the smart/casual thang. The question now was, where shall we go?

It turned out that the Mr’s band members had decided to throw a New Years Party and we decided to swing by and let the festivities commence! The hostess wth the mostest, bless her (Lead singer, recently plunged out of  9-5 and into private singing tuition, Shannon Lyford – “sisters are doing it for themselves” springs to mind!) had prepared loads of drunken games, Photo Booth props and a feast of food fit for a king. Super cute.


New Years Eve Photo Booth

New Years Eve Photo Booth

The array of moustaches, bow ties and glasses were adorned and snapped by the drummer Louis Bennett who captured the whole night for us, thank you very much Mr! I love a bit of dress up…

New Years Eve Photo Booth



I have never played that many drinking games at all, let alone all in one evening! My favourite was Battleshots; only as we won of course! (The teams were boys against girls… we rocked it. Naturally)

New Years Eve Beer Pong

Attempting a bit of beer pong… this game involves balls so we did not do so well… its a mans sport really…

New Years Eve Beer Pong

New Years Eve

New Years Eve Balloons

New Years Eve Games

Ok this one is an awful attempt at rolling a cookie down from my forehead to my mouth… i sucked at this. As is evident!

They did attempt a fireworks display but due to the close proximity of neighbours it went hilariously wrong in that I’m pretty sure they will be receiving noise complaints for a while… but the sparklers were immense. I can’t remember using them since I was a kid and we did, obviously, attempt to grab that winning word shot with them but our camera man was considerable tipsy by this point and I don’t think shutter speeds were quite on his agenda at that moment!

New Years Eve Sparklers

The Mr’s face here genuinely looks like one of childlike and girlish glee…

New Years Eve SparklersNew Years Eve Sparklers

It was only a cosy evening in with friends but we had such a good time. And yes, we managed to nab a cheeky kiss at midnight!

How did you spend your New Years Eve this year? Do you have any elaborate plans for next year?

One Messy Mama

6 thoughts on “Our first New Year’s Eve together: Photo Booth fun, fireworks and festivities

  1. That is just too sweet! How lovely to get to spend such a great evening together! I can’t remember when I last got to enjoy a good party with the hubby! So pleased for you! Looks like a fab evening too! Thanks for popping over and sharing your post with us! #globalblogging

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