New Year Resolutions: And the Christmas Mum bod guilt that forces us to make them


So a new year has begun, and what do we do now? You’ve de-Christmassed, made the living room look fresh, tidy and de-cluttered, finally got rid of all the lingering Christmas rubbish and are faced with the one thing that you cannot seem to get rid of: Christmas food! You feel like a stuffed turkey yourself but still the festive feast continues as you try and clear the leftover ham, trimmings, chocolate (OH the chocolate never ends…) from your cupboards and fridge so as not to be wasteful. The general feeling at this time of year for us most is one of bloated guilt and it leaves us craving vegetables and making all sorts of crazy and frankly unachievable New Years Resolutions relating to insane diets and exercise regimes that never make it past February.


Is this really how we should be feeling after having a fabulous, festive frivolity of a season? We should surely be basking in the glory of it all… not feeling guilty that our waists have gained a few inches; thats what its all about! Id be worrying more if you haven’t put on a few inches over Christmas!

The only guilt I have felt over this season of goodwill is the accuse awareness that there are other families out there, less fortunate than we are, that struggle to provide for each other at Christmas and can barely scrape together a feasible meal let alone a feast of a Christmas dinner with trimmings and pudding and snacks… it is supposed to be the season of ‘Goodwill’ after all.

It is the first year that this has truly got to me and next year I am totally doing a reverse advent calendar for those less fortunate and donating as much as I can. The Co-op I heard does this and provides you with a box to add to every day of advent. Also supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s have a food bank box near the exit for you to pop in whatever you feel you don’t really ‘need’.

I also feel guilt for my child. I know as I stated above in preachy command, the time of yule is filled with festive delights and treats that undoubtedly will make our waistbands expand but when it comes to my little man (and I do like to indulge him within reason) I feel like we get into this rut of chocolate and biscuits and snack food that really ought to be balanced out with some veg and fruit.

How hard is that to get them to eat healthy shiz though when family members, for days, have been shaking tubes of various sweet treats, packets of crisps and platters of breaded all sorts of things under his little nose. I do like to get my wee dude a chocolate Santa for his stocking… thats like my little thing right… but then there are all the other family members that seem to love to buy kids chocolate figures and themed packets filled with sprinkle encrusted buttons.

Our cupboard space it pretty limited and does definitely not accommodate the hoards of Christmas chocolate and biscuits that were bestowed upon us this year. We had to get creative. However to little prying eyes and pointing fingers our hiding places were not so hidden after all.

Now every time the small prince gets hungry he pulls me towards the cupboard and points to the top where he can just about see the glistening rotund wrapping of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Theres a fruit bowl on the coffee table, jus’ sayin’.

Us adults, hopefully, have a sense of willpower when it comes to rationing sweet treats and snacks. Children… do not.

So please don’t beat yourself up about eating more over the last few months, and even the next few moths to come as you hoover up the last of the seasonal goodness from your hoard. If you are truly struggling with you Mum bod then please read my super supportive and uplifting post on how to accept and rock yours!

If you are making all sorts of insane diet and exercise resolutions that deep down you know you won’t keep, then again, please don’t. Light exercise and a balanced diet is great… thats all you need. There are far more important things in life that putting yourself through agony and pain to achieve whatever you perceive as your own perfection for yourself.

Be happy! Live your life with your lil fam!

Do you want to know what my New Years resolution is? I am a super fan of Tom Cruise and I have made it my 2017 mission to watch every single one of his films… I know Im going to stick to that one!

What are your New Years Resolutions?



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