Farewell 2016: Bring on 2017


So lets just be honest here… unless you gave birth, became filled with baby, got engaged or married, been offered your dream job or anything of that joyful ilk… 2016 has been a pretty abysmal year for us all here in the UK hasn’t it? I mean Brexit… come on guys! What were you all thinking! Actually… for those who reside in the good ol’ US of A it has been even worse, at least we don’t have a clueless, fame seekingly obnoxious, orange clown leading our country down a dark, dark path of madness. The celebrity deaths and political insanity have meant that this year has been pretty rubbish to say the least. Only one good thing has come of this year, which has led to many good things… 

This, my blog, was started in 2016 and I will always remember that (…as I weep into my cornflakes at the loss of my idol Mr Bowie and the many other amazing stars that have shaped the lives of millions) This blog has also led to some pretty amazing relationships that I will cherish and that will hopefully continue to grow as the years go on and my presence online is more prominent (heres hoping right?!)

As you have noticed from my journey online, I have had some pretty amazing adventures with my little family. The summer saw us attend our first few festivals with the little man in tow which was incredible; we are hoping to be able to do this more this year too. Bring it.


Our very first was Victorious Festival and the second the big Mr took the small Mr on a day I was working; Summer Madness. He equally enjoyed both and was adored by many as he toddled around in his ear defenders taking it all in!


2016 also saw two of our closest friend couples tie the knot, the first was a child free occasion which was really nice for me and the Mr to spend some quality time together (super important!) just being US. (We did also go on our annual getaway, which this year was to Manchester for the Mr’s Birthday which was a fantastic few days!)


The second day of wed saw the little man attend and I hopefully helped out a lot of fellow Mama attendees with my top tips on how to rock weddings with a toddler in tow! It was tough but we managed!


It is our wedding this year so it cue another post about toddlers at wedding but this time how to manage when it is your own!

Every August sees the small and Birthday and this year we held a tribal themed bash immediately after returning from the Mamas up in Somerset (this was an amazing trip and I managed to visit and review my all time fave farm, Doniford Farm)

Doniford Farm fun Mummy Blogger

The small mans birthday party went down extremely well and attendees included Indians, cowboys and just those bearing a little faceprint and clothing printed with a few dreamcatchers and arrows…



2016 was the first year our little fam has started the now annual Autumn tradition of picking our own pumpkin (inspired by sone beautiful shots of fellow Mamas and their bambinos racing around field of orange goodness on Instagram… naturally)



We got our first Halloween party invite too! From a fellow rockin’ Mama who I reignited my friendship with after meeting her again at an aforementioned wedding (She was their photographer!) It was a fabulous day and I feel like I have made an amazing Mama tribe connection with these beauts!




I made it my mission in 2016 to visit as many nearby Country Parks as I could and really immense me and the little man in nature! I managed to review most of them too and share them with you all so that you too can enjoy the spectacles that the South Coast has to offer for free!



Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 20.49.30

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 20.51.05

And then… it was Christmas. Ah Christmas, wether you’re a grinch or in gratitude, you cannot help but me whisked away by festive feeling. It was our first Christmas in our own home just the three of us so I was, naturally, super excited.

It was SUCH a special day of frivolity, fun, feasting and chill times. I was in a blurry state of emotional thankfulness, verging on slightly comatose from immense food intake, and could not have had a more perfect day with my little fam.




To see in the New Year me and the man went to a friends house for a good ol’ fashioned house party. It was the first time that we have actually spent a New Years together since we had our wee nipper and it was so lovely!

So goodbye 2016… you have served me well in my own little bubble. On a grander scale though… sort your shit out and I hope that 2017 brings many amazing things (Us getting married should balance things out I feel!)



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7 thoughts on “Farewell 2016: Bring on 2017

  1. Lovely post with some gorgeous photos!! I, like you, was devo’d about Bowie. Such an icon, then when George Michael died I was devo’d once again. I’ve not stopped listening to You Have Been Loved ever since.
    Happy New Year lovely. #brilliantblogposts

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