*Christmas* in the Rock and Roses Household


Well its been a lovely little blogging break but every good thing must come to an end right?! Not that I particularly wanted to take a blogging break it just seemed necessary in tying with the whole season that has recently surpassed us called Christmas. That time of year that gets us all stressed and insanely busy bee-d… know it well!? Well I managed to, in fact, remain relatively calm this time of yule and made a stand to stay at home and let family come to us. It was our first year just me and my little men all day at our own home, so it was pretty special and I thought I would share it with you all. If anything, to potentially inspire the masses to do the same in years to come; to avoid the unnecessary frantic Christmas rush and calm the soul for letting in the true meaning of Christmas, appreciating those that mean the most to us. I’ve popped in some nifty Christmas tips for you all too…


I feel as though I should begin with a little background to my whole ‘Christmas present’ moral standing here… As parents the general consensus seems to be that we must shower our children with gifts on order to prove our love… this is not entirely in keeping with the spirit of Christmas. Yes it is lovely to buy our children things but there is a point where we must take a step back and realise that our children, when they are older, will appreciate one thing much more than gifts (which lets be honest 50% of don’t get a look in and end up being sold at the next car boot sale…)

They will appreciate US. Our presence in their lives, our love and kindness.

In our lil old parenting team, me and my man decided to just but our small dude one big main present each for under the tree as we knew he would be utterly spoilt by family and friends… standard. We do also do ‘Santa presents’ but as I noted in a previous post all about our quirky Christmas Traditions, these are just in the stocking that we place at the end of his bed.


NIFTY TRICK ALERT! We open those presents first in bed after the little man wakes up. He climbs into bed with us and we go through all that Santa has left him before heading downstairs; this is literally great as it means that we get all snuggly on Christmas morn and we can stay in bed a little longer before having to drag ourselves out of the warmth and comfort and actually have to function as a human being!

We did things little differently this Christmas morning as my sister and surrogate sister came over with a beautiful feast of party delights; but as they don’t have a small child we were ups  lot earlier than them and would usually have breakfast before opening ‘Tree presents’. Not this year, as we waited for them we decided to open our presents from each other.


To be honest we couldn’t avoid the small man seeing his largest present as it was in plain sight in the middle of the living room! He did nearly walk past it and then did a comical double take and walked over to it in awe! It was the best moment ever.



He adores this little lady, yes… I bought him a ‘girls toy’. But you know what… f**k the haters. My little dude loves his Ana Frozen doll and so he could, she’s adorable! He recently has taken to having tea parties with her which is super cute. And after all, boys will grow to be parents too so why should they not have dolls like girls do? Id buy him a pram too if I had enough space after the pedal car!

I really just wanted to share my favourite present of all with you, my Vivienne Westwood shoes from the Mama. I have been searching for a pair for a while and somehow she found some in my favourite colour… gold. They smell delicious too (If any of you aren’t familiar with Vivienne Westwood’s shoe collection, she scents her shoes… Im not crazy. Honest)


They are delectable aren’t they?!

The Mr surprised me with a secret present too which was fabulous (We had set a £20 limit as our wedding is soon approaching and are saving a lot of our money for that) He cheekily bought a DSLR camera on finance for me but wrapped it as if it was form our little man; therefore not needing to be constricted to £20. Sly fox.

I have been after a good camera ever since I started my blog and cannot wait to include some decent photos amidst my, lets face it, awful iPhone snaps. Luckily it was not just me capturing kodak moments Christmas Day, my sister and the Man managed to freeze n time some amazing moments of me and my little man (one of which was featured on the #coolmumclub Christmas roundup from Mum Muddling Through which was lovely to wake up to this fine and hungover morn!)




These beautiful pictures were taken in the lull between breakfast and lunch. Don’t you just love that lush lil in-between meals period where the scents of Christmas Dinner waft through from the kitchen? It was possible one of the best moments of the day for me.


The Mr was all over Christmas Dinner as he, weirdly, loves to cook a roast. Thats his cooking ‘thang’; much like when men insist on doing barbecues I guess.

Our oven is teeny tiny so we figured an entire Turkey, as well as being far far too much meat fro two adult and a toddler to consume, would not fit in solo let alone amidst the rest of the trimmings. We voted for a five bird roast which as you can see, was delicious! Five points if you can guess all five!

The evening was spent with the Mr’s parents and wildly eccentric brother who we played Dictionary with (you may think this is boring but try it after a few beverages and you’ll have a very different opinion!) over cheese and biscuits, mimi mince pies and liquor… It was an interesting game to say the least… there were some seriously, accidental I might add, phallic grizzly bear arms being drawn. That is all I will indulge! It was hilarious.

Boxing Day was equally as chilled. With it being our ‘Dads Day’ we started the day with a lush lil walk along the seafront with the Mrs Dad and family then headed to my Dads for a feast fit for Kings (he’s a massive Jamie Oliver fan so it was ‘pukka’)

I will leave you with some gorgeous photos from our Boxing Day walk. If you are in the Hampshire area and are looking for a beautiful day out, check out Hill Head Seafront and Titchfield Haven. I hope you all had a lovely luscious little Christmas too! Share your thoughts, days below too… it all goes so quickly doesn’t it?









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