The roadrunner that is Christmas: Why does it always go so quickly?


I feel like Rose from Titanic crying “Come back… come back”; although replace freezing to death in the middle of the Atlantic with being in a calendar confused, food coma in a toy carpeted living room. All jokes aside, Christmas seems, like everything else that you look forward to, to just pass by like a fleeting memory. Why does Christmas predominantly seem like the roadrunner of seasons? Why does it always go so quickly?


Ok don’t get me wrong I realise that if in fact we granted Wizzard’s wish and it was in fact, Christmas everyday… that would be an utter nightmare! Could you imagine?

We spend the best part of around 3-4 months preparing for Christmas; well… if your organised its a lot longer (some even take Boxing Day sales as an opportunity to buy for the next Christmas!) and if you are anything like me it is a lot less and involve a slight degree of stressing and last minute purchases!

I was more prepared than I have been in previous years however… but as I was working full time right up until 7pm Christmas Eve… I didn’t feel like I really took full advantage of immersing myself in Christmas cheer until the big day.

Don’t get me wrong it was incredible.

This year was the first year that we have spent just the three of us and had a lush lil Christmas Day as our own family. Bliss.

I took full advantage of the chilling time as I didn’t even have to contribute that much towards cooking; luckily the Mr is a fan of the kitchen and takes the reigns whenever roast dinners are involved! Must be a man thing because i couldn’t think of anything more stressful!

We also fully indulge in Boxing Day antics and still treat it as an extended Christmas Day; however despite that, I was back at work Tuesday afternoon and it felt like that was it. Christmas was over and done with *brushes the festive vibes off hands*

But what if I don’t want it to be over yet?

I think the key here is to remember that January 5th is considered the end of the Christmas Season, traditionally, so we’ve all got a good week so let the festivities shine on right?!

Bring on the New Year celebrations to get us all back on the holly jolly vibe!

What are your thoughts on this fleeting season? Are you letting the light of Christmas sprint shine on in your household or are you a scrooge and like to get it out of the way and clear up as soon as the last present is opened and relative has left the house?


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