Christmas Traditions in the Rock and Roses household

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Everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned Christmas tradition and they are rife in our family! Some span back to before I was even born and have been going on for generations of Rock and Roses ladies; others are brand spanking new and I have conjured them for my little family to enjoy. I think that Christmas is not all about the day (don’t get me wrong it is important obviously) but about the season as a whole. There is a certain warmth and joy to creating the Christmas spirit in your home for your children to bask in. The magic of Christmas can be found in the sparking of imagination from the start of Winter right though to the end; Christmas Traditions are an amazing way of making this possible. I thought I would share my extensive list of old and new traditions with you all and see if any of you have the same ones or have any that you would like to share! So in no particular order, here are my Christmas Traditions in the Rock and Roses household.


1. Stirring the Christmas Pudding and making a wish:

So this is the one that no one seems to have ever heard of before but get the most ‘awwww’s! Spanning back generations from on my Mama’s side the ‘Piggots’ (maiden name… its a corker isn’t it!?) have made Christmas Puddings. As I briefly noted upon in my recent post on Christmas music, the whole affair is accompanied by the soothing tones of Cliff Richard and his Mistletoe and Wine renditions; which i secretly love… shhhhh!


Bowls all larded ready to be filled with festive spiced goodness!

So the heady scents of the entirety of my Nana’s alcohol cupboard surrounds us as we stir the ginormous sink sized bowl full of pudding mix year upon year.  On stirring we all take turns to make a Christmas wish. Cutesy isn’t it?!


It was originally the custom that a penny would be dropped in to the mix and it would be a surprise whoever found it in a pudding; it was soon realised that this was entirely dangerous and my Mama actually swallowed on when she was younger so that gem of an idea was no more!

2. Christmas Music:

I posted about this, as I mentioned earlier, and it basically is like a small tradition just for me where I go through my playlists and shuffle the songs around to suit my new winter laste. This obviously includes threading in a huge influx of both classic and, mostly, cheesy Christmas songs!

3. Oranges and Cloves:

I think this was a tradition that came from my Dads side of the family but Im not entirely sure? I have talked about this with a few people and they have never done it before so it would be interesting to see if any of you have? Basically in the middle of our coffee table (or whichever surface you have free. the more the merrier!) we always would gather oranges in bowls and make patterns in them with cloves. The smell is heavenly; definitely gets you in the festive mood!


The past few years I have been trying to carry on the tradition in my own household and get the little man involved! He mostly preferred taking the cloves back out again but at least he got stuck in!


4. Advent Calendars with pockets:

Since me and my little sister were little, we had advent calendars that were bought for us which we used every year, again and again. The massive difference with these advent calendars and the standard ones you can get is that they were in the shapes of festive characters, with out names on and had pockets… pockets! There was one pocket for every day of December (up till Christmas Day obviously) and my Mama would buy us small little gifts and chocolatey treats and pop one in each pocket.

I decided that when my small prince was old enough to grasp the whole advent calendar ‘thang’ I would make one for him too! My amazingly lovely Mama friend and Rockin’ Mama Clan member offered to make one as she has just started a new venture sewing and knitting handmade crafts; Rebel Crafts. If your on Instagram check it out!



Isn’t it gorgeous!? As he is quite little still I only popped in little chocolate balls, bouncy balls, character pegs and stickers but he loved it, and still does; every day he runs to the wall and points up to open it! Super cute!

5. Sending a letter to Santa up the chimney:

This one may seem a little strange to most, but if you suspend your disbelief and let imagination and the magic of Christmas take you by the hand you will understand.

When I was little ma and my sister would write letters to Santa, pretty standard you may be saying; but heres the twist, we would burn the letters and send them up the chimney. Burn them? Damn straight.

I think it must have originated with the belief that Santa comes DOWN the chimney so to contact him we must send things UP. We would watch the embers and ash drift up and up and we knew that once they got to Father Christmas they would magically reform into a letter!

As we don’t have a chimney this tradition is going to have to wait until we have a gorgeous house that does (heres hoping huh!)

6. Christmas Tree:

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…”

Yes of course Im aware that EVERYBODY gets a Christmas Tree, but I have one request each year, and that is that it has to be real. We go on a Tree hunt year upon year and make a day of it! Searching for our perfect Tree!




7. New Christmas decoration every year:

Well this doesn’t really warrant explanation, but Im going to ramble on about it anyway!

The first Christmas after I was born, I have been told, a friend of my Mamas bought me my first ever Christmas Tree Decoration. It was a rocking horse, and it started a tradition that every year me and my sister would receive a new decoration to add to the Tree.

It was an amazing yearly feat going through the decoration box and discovering all of the past years decorations we had forgotten about. I have carried on this tradition with my little man; to the detail that his first decoration I bought him was also a rocking horse!



8. Christmas food shop: 

This was always a massively anticipated adventure in my household when I was a kid. We would always go to a huge supermarket i the early hours of the morning and me and my sister would count the Christmas Tree lights we could see through peoples windows (The magic of childhood before the iPad huh!)

They always did it with us, so we could choose what luscious Christmas food we would want to feast upon over the holiday season (writing this makes me feel like a gluttonous pig actually…) so me and my man will always carry this on with our children (as I’m assuming there will be MANY more… just me dear?!)

9. Christmas morning breakfast:

Now I know every family has their own Christmas Day set up going on, ours if always stocking presents first, in bed (which is my next point), then breakfast. Breakfast was always eaten before we could open any Tree presents and this was ok… as it normally included a smorgasbord of baked pastry goods!

I don’t know about you but I adore a pastry! The Mr isn’t really a massive fan so we usually do a fry up and champagne but this year my sister and surrogate sister are over for breakfast so I’m pastry-ing it UP. (Ill make a savoury ham and cheese croissant for the man… bless him)

10. Presents:

Yes, so as I mentioned, Santa brings the stocking presents. When I was little I would go and wake up my sister (or the other way around depending on who was awake first) and we would run into our parents bedroom and open our presents in bed with them before we headed downstairs.

I made my little man his own little stocking for his first Christmas and we will do the same morning stocking tradition in our house!

The tree present are not touched until after breakfast and are the ones from friends and family.

So there we go… phew! Thats a lot of traditions for one household!

Do you have any similar traditions? How does Christmas Day work for you?

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