Rockin’ Mamas Clan: Selena Hodges from ‘Winter and Rain’

Rockin' Mama Interview

Today I am reigniting this seemingly lost corner of my blog which strives to lift and encourage Mamas to not lose sight of who they are after childbirth; The Rockin’ Mamas series. It is so easily done, to become so washed away in Motherhood that we don’t take any time for ourselves; doing what makes us, US! So I sent out a plea for women far and wide to share their stories with you all in the hope of supporting and proving it IS possible! and sharing the amazingly inspirational story of Selena from ‘Winter and Rain’, and her lush lil family.


Selena amazing story began far before she became a mother; it begins with her own mother. When she was a little girl, her and her mother fled Germany to Kent and found a womens refuge with the, as she describes it, ‘tireless’ help from Womens Aid. Which is why 15% of her sales from ‘Winter and Rain’ go to supporting Womens Aid. Amazing. Selena describes looking back on this time as an adult and it giving her an immense insight into how truly incredible women are.  A long way before she started the venture ‘Water and Rain’, Selena had her first daughter Darcy in November 2012.

“I didn’t realise that her birth would make me want to dedicate my all to her. I didn’t return to work and was all about loving and nurturing my baby. I didn’t care about me or my appearance and just wanted to do all I could do her”

The cracks began appearing however shortly before Darcy’s first birthday. Her relationship with her husband began to suffer and left them at the mercy of counsellors and doctors appointments to get them back on track after a consuming time of depression and mental breakdown.

I have rambled on in the past on here about how important I now understand it is to dedicate time and effort to your relationship after you have children. We all get lost along the parenting way and are all muddling through not knowing the consequences of letting the effort and time with each other slip away.

Selena describes the time as haunting but is happy to say that it gets easier as the days pass. I am so grateful that she has chosen to share this as so many relationships start forging problems after children come in to the equation and hopefully stories like this will encourage new parents to devote a little time to their partner and not loose what makes them a couple.


Fast forward to October 2015 and the overjoying news that Selena had fallen pregnant again.

With the gift of hindsight on her side, Selena knew that she needed to “do something” to separate herself from Motherhood. To retain her self identity and not become lost once again.

“…because, you know, growing a human isn’t enough!”

When she first fell pregnant she strove to set up a life coaching service for Mums, designed to help them gain a sense of identity; to help them “stay true to themselves and have something just for them”.Brilliant. Right up the Rock and Roses Mama street may I just say!

 In true Mamahood style though, the strains of anxiety and depression that cripple us during pregnancy meant this would never come to fruition. The joy of babies huh!
As we all fall victim to, Selena realised that in her determination to “do something” she was in fact doing too much; it is a common Mum-ism i think. Taking on way too much as we feel this somewhat essential need to constantly better ourselves! Why do we do it?
After this realisation, a reevaluation was needed.
Personally, when I started Rock and Roses Mama, I knew that I needed to do something I was passionate about and something I enjoyed. I had always had a knack for writing and always enjoyed it so much at University over my practical courses. So I blogged my heart out! Selena did the same thing, she looked at what she was passionate about and returned to Art.
Art, and all creative outlets for that matter, are amazing ways of letting our soul come through; Selena used art as a sort of therapy for her anxiety and went on to start up ‘Winter and Rain’; inspired by the middle names of her children.
As we can all relate to, anything we decide to try and embark on that fits around our children can be time consuming and exhausting, but if it is something that we enjoy then it is a “happy, fun and creative time”
We Mommas are busy bees, so if there is something that we can feel proud of and enjoy that is something just for us… it is totally worth it.
“I get lost in it”
Her first tote bag, which is now her best seller and has been featured on various pages, was printed again with her children in mind.
“I always tell my daughter she is a Lioness, not a Princess, to help her be strong and confident”
Her products are designed with all women in mind with the hope of inspiring and supporting. You go girl!
Selena is launching a range of brand spanking new products next year so watch this space!
I am truly in awe of this rockin’ Mama and her lush lil fam. Her confidence exudes even from her words and it seems like she’s really on a road to letting her inner self shine through!
“I have learnt that it’s important for me to be me. At 33, with two children I feel this is MY time and I want to spend it raising my children and celebrating how fucking amazing being a woman is. We rock.”
Yes. Yes we totally do!
You can fid Selena’s lush products from ‘Winter and Rain’ here
And you can also follow her story on Instagram here
Are you a rockin’ Mama? Go to my ‘Work with R&R Mama’ page and pop me an email if you too wish to inspire the women of the world to Mama it up without losing sight of who they are and share your inspirational story.

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