Saying goodbye to Autumn and welcoming Winter: #holidaysarecoming


I wanted to start posting roundups of our past months in pictures. So here is the first of my new monthly series: it is a good one to start with as Autumn has so much to offer a Mama (Who doesn’t love walking through a sea of spicy orange pumpkins and indulging in the occasional leaf crunch?!)

November has been a lovely month of Autumnal goodness; I have a newly found adoration for this pre Winter time of year when the freshness creeps in but the sunshine still keeps you outside kicking up leaves, loving the shades of nature and enhancing your wardrobe with warmer accessories. It also brings with it the ghoulish delights that encapsulate October, Halloween.

Winter is, weather wise, not my favourite season as I find myself struggling to keep warm and freezing my not so little butt off, wrapped in anything and everything regardless of style in an effort to not become a human icicle. However I welcome December with open arms as it means one thing… Christmas.

holidaysarecoming- goodbye-november-autumn-winter-chrismtas

I posted at the beginning of the month about the reasons I would be rocking Autumn and on reflection I think i did pretty well! We had some lush family outings soaking up the best colours Autumn can offer and have managed to sneak in a few cheeky Mum nights and Date nights too!

We kicked off the Autumn love with a visit and review of Staunton Country Park:

 As it was a certain persons birthday me and the Man flew away in true Lenny Kravitz style t our Mini break in Manchester to ‘get back to basics’ and indulge in a little couple time: (for those of you that a football fans – not for me – there was a cheeky Old Trafford visit thrown in there too, of course)

A new family tradition was started by the gorgeous Instagram community of mamas who’s beautiful snaps of field of pumpkins made me want to see what all the fuss is about: 

“Who you gonna call?”

The little mans first Halloween part experience:

“… thats all folks”

Thank you Autumn for all of your amazing outings, giving this Mama an excuse to make delectable cupcakes , party on down with horns on her head and enabling her to kick and crunch leaves in public without giving a shit… because thats just what you do this time of year!

I am super psyched for what December will bring: #holidaysarecoming

Stay tuned to find out wether Rock and Roses Mama has been naughty or nice!

Hit me Santa. Ive got this.

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