‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 8


Im back ladies and gents… and in true Elsa style, singing at the top of the mountains “… let it go…” This week has felt utterly exhausting (Three 6am starts at work has seen me totally not with it by the end of them – I got used to my ‘toddler that actually sleeps until 7.30am sleeping habits!) and has seen some major faux pas in the baking world, possibly due to the depleting energy levels actually! So in true Sunday style I am willing myself to let it all go!

1. So yeah, the tiredness. I have posted about this in my last weeks *Musing* as I feel it is important for us frazzled Mommas to feel like its normal to be void of all energy.

Let me set the scene for you, you’ve been at work since 6am, you return at maybe 2pm to hand over from your babysitter then try an attempt the all elusive ‘nap time’. Once that has finally begun you can start the housework and finally eat some lunch. Then dinner needs starting and after the man comes home from work its eat, sleep, wake, repeat!

I crave my days off to spend some time as a family with my two incredible men! However, when the days of imagined chilled bliss and serene outdoor excursions arrive you are far too tired form your week to indulge. I do indulge, however, regardless of my exhaustion.

We Mothers seem to have an endless surplus supply of reserve energy, but must we expend all of our battery life on having a ‘perfect’ weekend with our children?

If we are tired then surely it is our bodies telling us to slow it all down? In the words of the great ‘Kit-Kat’ we need to just ‘take a break’.  Just chill… just let the tiredness go and indulge in our necessity for doing absolutely nothing to rejuvenate our overworked (providing for our luscious little bambinos) and undernourished selves.

2. Ok so this one will be a little briefer… thank goodness you are thinking!?! Well if you follow me you know I love a good bake… of the sweet treat variety. And you will also know that I am an avid believer that when one becomes a Mother there is somehow a miraculous switch that flips on inside of you that somehow turns you into a baker likewise to an aspiring Mary Berry.; or so I once thought.

Maybe it is related to the aforementioned tiredness, but when I took upon a baking quest for sumptuous chocolatey goodness in an attempt to use up the depleting moisture of my bowl of oranges, that switch was firmly in the off position.

My determination for this quest even involved a brisk walk to the shop with the small man to acquire my weapon of choice; Cocoa Powder.

Needless to say the treasure at the end of the quest was not a shiny and gold as that of the stories we read at bedtime… the lack of the flicked switch had resulted in a cupcake case of bitter mulch. Why? Because this exhausted Momma had forgotten to add possibly the most important ingredient. Sugar.

It took me a good 5 or 10 minutes of scrawling back through the recipe to figure this out.

It was a scene compatible only to the blue string incident of Bridget Jones.

Let it go, she says. Let it go.

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Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

4 thoughts on “‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 8

    1. Oooooh I hate this!! I ge this all the time… “Oh but you finish early in the day…” blah blah! Clearly they have not ever experienced returning from a 9 hour shift from 6am and having to get a toddler to nap! Haha ❤ I feel your pain! x


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