Sleepy Mama: Being exhausted doesn’t make us ‘Bad Moms’


So today ladies and gents… I am extraordinarily tired. I am tired of working from 6am every morning, I am tired from having appointments and meetings after work each day and I am tired of having no food in the house as it is the week before payday (Thankfully my man is amazing in every way and has been supplying me with chocolate and Oreo donuts to make me smile – yes they DO make those!) I don’t know about you but when I feel this deflated with the struggles and time juggling of Mum life, it comes hand in hand with feeling as though I am exhibiting terrible parenting when not having the cheerful ‘Barbie doll smile’, childrens  entertainers disposition that is required from toddlers. But does this exhaustion stem from the fact that I am in fact rocking Motherhood in all its time filled, rushed around, toddler tugged and disheveled faced glory?

Yes… Yes it does.


If you follow my blog you will know that I am a full time working Mama who by day is a Retail Manager and by night (and through nap times if Im lucky) an aspiring blogger. I am also currently planning my wedding which in itself is rather time consuming and immensely stressful!

Note to self: Do NOT become a bridezilla… at all costs!

Throw a toddler in to the mix and you’ve got yourself one busy bee of a Mama! Considering that on a normal day my, hopefully pleasant yet in reality, horrifying awakening to the soundtrack to Alice in Wonderland comes at 4.45am, and on return from work I have to get the little man down for a nap and then enter the blogosphere, make dinner, put the little man t bed and then find time to do ‘wedding shiz’ and spend time with the Mr… I am quite honestly absolutely shattered by about day three of the working week…

It is very difficult to engage with a cheeky little toddler when you are drained and void of all energy and enthusiasm. Cue feeling like a terrible Mother.

However, us busy Moms work extremely hard in all aspects of our lives, not for ourselves but for our children! We just keep giving!

I constantly find myself feeling awful about not having the energy to play with my little man constantly in an afternoon and just wanting to curl up on the sofa under a blanket with a Disney film, but thats ok!

I went to see the film ‘Bad Moms’ with a few of my amazingly supportive Mom Clan friends and it was so great to watch a film that had been created for us and Moms everywhere. It is a film that all Mamas can relate to and will ultimately make you A. Bawl your eyes out and B. Make you feel super special as a Mom; that you are doing the most amazing job and are truly wonderful!

We work our lil (… or maybe not so little in my case!) butts off for our children that we are permitted tiredness!

Dint ever beat yourself up about being a sleepy Mama, we owe it to ourselves to know that our tiredness is a sign that we are rocking Mamahood, one tear filled, stinging and emotion ridden eye at a time!



9 thoughts on “Sleepy Mama: Being exhausted doesn’t make us ‘Bad Moms’

  1. I LOVE THIS. I can relate to everything you have said. I also work full time and have found it extremely exhausting doing both jobs, being a mom and maintaining a career. I had no idea how tough it was going to be! But you’re right, we need to give ourselves a break and be proud of the accomplishments we have made in both mom life and at work. For some reason, us moms tend to beat ourselves, especially when we are feeling tired and worn down. Actually, I felt like this yesterday, I had a very bad fever but I hadn’t seen my son for two days because of work (late nights and a xmas party) and I felt so guilty laying in bed listening to my son and partner play together. I couldn’t move (the fever was bad) but I was beating myself up for not being able to be with them! It’s so ridiculous, I need to give myself a break! I love this post as it totally resonated with me. Thanks for this thought-provoking post and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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    1. Thank you ❤ Yes you are right I never realised just how exhausting it would be. We are getting married in March so I have actually told my employer that I will be cutting my shifts down after as I won't need to be saving quite as much! I will be doing just three shifts a week so am hoping that will lessen the inevitable 'Mum guilt' that I am at work a lot! I do enjoy going to work though as I like to have my independence so could never give it up completely I don't think. We definitely beat ourselves up far far too much, but we are all doing amazingly; juggling absolutely far too much on a daily basis! We deserve all the breaks we can get… ❤ x


  2. Thanks for this! I’m just a new mama and feel constantly exhausted because I don’t want to sleep during the day either. Last night I didn’t get to bed til 6am because the wee man wouldn’t stop crying! It’s good to hear about other mums going through the same thing and feeling the same about it



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    1. Hi Ada! And welcome to the blogosphere and Mommahood… It is so super difficult and I think that there needs to be more emphasis on this sort of thing at antenatal classes or something of that ilk. So many Mommas feel like they are the worst parents ever for feeling exhausted, lonely and wanting to grab a little freedom/time to themselves… hold your head high and remember we are all muddling through… your doing great ❤


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