Promoting Mama Time to your kids with The Large Family; Jill Murphy, Walker Books

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Here at Rock and Roses Mama blog I am all about Mama Time, and am determined to promote and inspire Mamas across the globe take some quality time out for themselves and their relationship. If only there was a way we could promote this concept to our bambinos so that they somehow begin to understand our parental plight! Well… look no further than The Large Family; Jill Murphy and Walker Books have served us up a treasure trove of children’s books that hilariously detail the struggles of two parent elephants trying to spend some time with themselves and each other. 


All of the books in this series are amazing and so funny, but these two I realised recently really help in promoting that long lost entity called Mama Time and also Date Nights with your partner that we forget to indulge in!

‘Five Minutes Peace’ is an incredibly funny story that we can all relate so well to. It follows the story of an exhausted Momma that is trying to have a relaxing bath by herself with a nice hot cuppa tea and some cake (I think I can speak for us all in saying we are totally with her on that one!)


The scene is picturesque ladies. Just imagine it; a lovely steaming bubbly bath with tea and quiet…


As expected though… and as in every household with children, the peace does not last long. Hilarity ensues as each of the three children try to join Mrs Large in the bathroom and engage her in typical antics that we can all relate to (Cue splashing, endless questions, attention seeking and eventual complete overhaul of the ‘relaxing bath’ experience.)


Needless to say that Mrs Large aborts the situation and attempts to escape the madness once more by going downstairs… for all of three minutes and forty-five seconds before the train of childish banter and frivolity pulled into the station.


‘All in One Piece’ is my second fave of The Large Family adventures as promotes Date Nights, however imperfect they may be, and the importance of them to spend some quality time with your partner and get back to basics.

The sentiment behind this book as adorable. It sees the Mother and the Father getting ready for a night out just the two of them; a feat that Im sure you will all agree is impossible with a child, let alone three! (I am going to be writing about my top tips for rocking a Mum night out, especially the getting ready process in a future post so keep ones eyes peeled!)


Yup, we’ve all been there; desperately trying to look as least like a snot and cornflake covered parent as possible just for one evening, when your children pester you just as you have put your best clothes on! My little princes fave thing to do when Im trying to get ready is to pull all of my makeup on to the floor… lush. Thanks mate!



The sentiment here is spot on as Mrs Large explains to her children that once, just once she would like to look nice, ‘when I am not covered in jam and poster-paint’ and just ‘walk through the door all in one piece’. Amen sister.


Now prepare yourself for some butterfly worthy comments from an adoring Mr Large at the end of this book. In one sentence Jill Murphy takes us back to basics with why we all should be making the effort to go out as a couple more. Why we should all be investing time in Date Nights every now and again; to feel the ‘awww’ that resounds from sentences like this.

“…you’d look wonderful to me even if you were covered in paint.”


Amazing. I just adore them! Anyone else with me?

If reading these to my little man at bedtime and in his amazing reading teepee throughout the day even in the slightest iota gets the message through that Mummy and Daddy need time to themselves every now and again, that it is a normality for parents to need this time then I’m more than happy!

Also they are pretty hilarious to read as we can all relate to The Large Family’s struggles!

Have you delved into the life of The Large Family with your little ones yet?


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