‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 7


So I feel I’ve neglected this little corner of my blog which I was so enthusiastic about when I started as I felt like it was a great outlet for Mamas to have a giggle and share their #letitgomoments with the rockin’ Mama tribe! I have not seen much response as of yet which I have to admit was a little disheartening so I am pushing on and starting it up again as I have faith!

‘Cause I gotta have faith…

Sing it George! So here are the top two of my Let it go moments this week… enjoy!

1. I have found myself under a lot of stress recently due to long shifts, managerial differences and early starts at work that all I want to do when I come home is just slouch on the sofa like a slob. Adding to the pressure has been a topic that I have written about before; the working Mom dilemma and the lack of respect or understanding from your employers (Check the link out as there is some amazing work being done by some awesome Mommas to try and push Flexible working for Mothers to the forefront of politics)

I constantly find myself face palming the I step into work as I am forever greeted with a lack of rota schedule lasting longer than a week in advance. I have semi-set shifts and legally am entitled to know my shifts three weeks in advance due to needing to find childcare. It becomes rather exhausting to walk in to every shift and have to go to your manager with the same request that he put up a rota so I can actually attend work; As I cannot leave a two year old at home alone or bring him in to work (this has been jokingly suggested…….. yes…. I know…)

So… I am officially letting this go. Not to say that I am giving up as I am aware that I stand firmly in the right and have a strong argument to back my corner, however I am merely letting go of the stress that envelops me at the start of each shift the I arrive to find there is STILL no rota. I am requesting set shifts and reduced shifts after our wedding in March so Im holding out till then!!

2. We Mommas are an abundance of stress and highly strung nerves and fuses that we are bound to explode every now and again right? Surely guided at the right reliever it is our right to pursue and outlet for our strain? The problem with this is that I am also an over thinker and will worry that I have offended even if I am in the right.

Let me paint you a picture…

After the false smiles and ‘Im sure they won’t keep us much longer’ comments in the absolutely not child friendly waiting room of the dentist for the small mans first dentist check up, we headed to KFC (not our usual haunt but the closest and tastiest our small town has to offer in terms of ‘treat food’) for a celebratory quick lunch; small man proudly bearing his dentist sticker and glove (don’t ask…)

Now as you all know a hungry child surrounded by fellow children eating food was painful for the little guy, so I had to queue and distract… queue and distract… when a man stood behind me. I informed him i WAS queuing but just had to keep leaning over to try distract my child while he waits for lunch. Whilst my back was turned for ONE MINUTE… the bastard ordered!! I literally turned around and said…

“Seriously!??! I JUST told you that I was in the queue and you can see that my little boy is very hungry!!”

He (In contrary to the backlash I was sure would ensue) actually just exhaled slowly and directed me to go in front of him to my original queuing position. Done. The issue is I feel that, although I was content that I had righted a wrong, I inadvertently ruined my lunch experience by thinking about it the whole duration of my chicken intake! He was also sat a few tables back from us so I could feel his eyes burning into my skull!

Im thinking I should have either let the man get on with it (although this feels like an injustice as I had a hungry child waiting) or just tried to let it go after I had corrected the mannerless man.


Share your fellow  mama ‘Let it go Moments’ on here, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #letitgomoments

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

4 thoughts on “‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 7

  1. #Letitgomoments! I LOVE this idea! Man, I have a lot of ‘moments’ alright. Something like this might teach me to unclench and let some of it wash over me! Hah! And don’t START me on queues… #TheListLinky

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah me too! Glad the concept is appreciated… unclenching is definitely an excellent way of thinking of it! I try to add them every Sunday so keep your eyes peeled and share yours! I am trying to promote the hashtag #letitgomoments too so share yours on Twitter if you feel the need to ‘unclench’… haha ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I wasn’t sure if I was out of line or if I should have just … #letitgo… but I felt the need to pursue my own sort of justice for the day! Just call me Gosports silent vigilante! Ha! ❤


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