Get shit done: Mama time with the help of ‘Kidloland’ A Review and Giveaway

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If you follow my blog then you will know how important i have always said I think it is that we busy bee Mommas spend little time for ourselves; getting a chance to do things that we wish we had the time for now we have little people running us in circles any in day out. I find the best time is during my little mans afternoon nap, but as those days dwindle and the napless days become more frequent, it is getting more and more difficult to get shit done. When I was contacted by Kidloland to try out their new app for children I thought I might as well give it a shot! I have never been a massive advocate of the use of technology to entertain children as I feel that is is counteractive to their intellectual development. However the Kidloland app is marketed as being both fun AND a learning resource; well it had to be worth a try right?


I had a busy day yesterday; It was the annual Christmas Pudding making session with the fam, then the little man had his first ever Dentist appointment, I treated him to lunch out and then had to venture to the supermarket which was interesting as I bought way too much then realised I did not have my pram so had to carry all of my bags whilst trying to control a 2 year old walking all the way back through town to my car. Phew! Ok so needless to say I was quite looking forward to a bit of down time with a cuppa!

The little man has started skipping his afternoon naps which means my usual afternoon session of winding down solo with a cup of tea whilst I write a blog post or get on with some wedding craft is out the window. Or so I thought…

I decided that after my busy day I would take Kidloland up on their offer and download their app in an attempt to reclaim some Mama time. Admittedly I did have a few issues with downloading my subscription but this was quickly resolved and once the content was unlocked I forgot all about it as was amazed at the sheer volume of things to do on there! Everything was super colourful with really educational stuff actually! Lots of learning activates with shapes, letters, numbers, animals, vehicles etc…


Jude is only 2 so some of the activities and games on there are a little above his age range but he loved singing along to the nursery rhymes and songs! There are thousands of options on there of things to do; I have to admit I got a little lost in looking through myself! Genuinely started playing some games and exploring the app to find things Jude would love and my partner had to point out that I had accidentally lost 10 minutes playing a childs app!


Judes favourite section of the app is the ‘popping’ section; the small prince is a massive fan of bubbles… it was pretty much his first word actually, “Buba” was and is still said every time I appear with our bubble wand! he has just got the hang of pointing and loved pointing his chubby little finger at the screen, delighting in watching the bulbles pop when he touched them! The contented smile on his face was just gorgeous bless him!

This left me with only one thing to do… put the kettle on, get the much longed after box of Baklava out and catch up on some me time on my Mac. Bliss.


Kidloland have even been generous enough to let one of my awesome readers try it out for themselves with a free 3 month subscription. Reclaim some Mama time!

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*The Kidloland Application is available for trial and purchase on iPhone, iPad and Android from the following outlets:

IOS (Kidloland)

Google Play Store (Nursery Rhymes for Kids)

Amazon App Store (Kidloland) 

*This post was in collaboration with, all opinions are my own*

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