A Rockin’ Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide

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So after the release of my Rockin’ Mamas Christmas Gift Guide, with fervent response,  i thought it appropriate that I should also add a Rockin’ Toddlers Christmas Gift Guide to the mix! We have learnt from previous years that we don’t actually have to spend very much on our little man for Christmas as our family and friend circuit is so vast that he gets inundated with presents! We have opted for just one big main ‘tree present’ and then are filling his stocking (which I made for his first Christmas) with little bits and bobs! I have concocted a list of my fave finds this year that can serve as amazing little stocking fillers; there are a few main presents (including the one we’ve bought the little man this year!) thrown in there too just to give you some inspiration!

Side note… and the award for the most times the word ‘Christmas’ is used on one paragraph goes to…


1. Gift Wink. Now I recently discovered this site due to a Giveaway they were hosting, we didn’t win but I was made aware of their amazing site! The way it works os that you add items to a wishlist, or several different wish lists; this is really useful for older kids to use as they can add to it throughout the year for you to pick from! They have great drop down menus where you can search by  age or interest or child. You can also add Birthdays etc to your account and it will remind you when they are coming up! The site is not just for kids either so you can add wish lists for yourself too ( I have definitely done this and will be sharing it with my family…) Check it out for yourself here…

2. Wicked Uncle. Funnily enough the small mans Uncle used this site to buy his most recent Birthday present and found it amazing! The site is based for relatives that struggle to buy presents for children so has really easy peasy categories right in the middle of the Home page asking a gender and age group; you can’t go wrong really! This site comes highly recommended… buy none other than an actual wicked Uncle! For an easy present buying experience without the hassle have a look for yourself here…  


Jude adored his magnetic Aeroplane from Wicked Uncle!

3. Not on the Highstreet.com. Now THIS site it amazing; it has always been my assured got to place for presents for any occasion as i love to find gifts that are, as they put it, not on the hight street! i like being the relative or friend that finds unique presents that no one would ever think of and are original. We have found the small princes main Christmas ‘tree present’ on here which is a ‘ Wind in the Willows’ style Vintage Pedal Car. Its gorgeous and I just know that Jude will love it (The fact that it will match our vintage feel living room did absolutely NOT sway our colour option decision…)


Vintage Pedal Car  – £160.00

4. Grattify.com. If you follow me you may have seen my post about this site; it was where I bought the small mans stunning monochrome Teepee for his second Birthday (which was understandably then made into tribal themed party!!) They are also a great site to use when you are looking to gift a certain young person but also really good for adults and interiors too as you can now ‘Make an Offer’ on any product to see if you can nab it for a lower price!  Have a read of my post about them if you want more details or head over to the site itself and grab a discount using my code RANDRMAMA.

…Discount Code alert!!

Teepee Wigwam Monochrome  5. Buddy and Bear Tableware. I found this amazing company through Instagram and fell in love with ALL of their tableware! The small man is just getting to the age where we sit him at the table in a chair with a cushion instead of on a high chair so we are looking to invest in some cool tableware for him as opposed to little bowls of bits and bobs. I am particularly for of the ‘Happy Clouds’ range… super cutesie.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 16.02.27.png

Tumbler – £6.00 & Plate – £7.50

6. Wonder and Rah Prints. I am going to be redesigning the little mans bedroom after our upcoming wedding and am thinking of going for the all popular at the moment monochrome feel. He already has the above teepee which will set it off beautifully, along with some framed vinyls and a few other lovely black and white bits and bobs. I have found this company Wonder and Rah that offer unique designs that can be framed and are really cool! They have a great selection of childrens designs that will suit any style room!


This is my personal fave. Peace Black and White Contemporary Print – £15.00

7. Bax and Bay ‘Fox Cub’ Hoodie. I promoted this great Mama led company into my Rockin’ Mamas Christmas Gift Guide too and as they do childrens sweaters in the same style I thought Id showcase them here too! The difference is that instead of saying ‘Mama Fox’ they say ‘Mama Cub’ which is totally amazing. Why not grab one of each and rock the Mama/Mini fashion style! You can get them here for £26.00 each.

8. Mini.Stylin.com. I have only recently discovered this site, also through the wonder of Instagram and have to say I am really impressed with the range, coolness and affordability (is coolness a word!?!? It is now!) They have some really modern fashion gorgeousness going on over there which will make perfect pressies for any little one! Take a gander for yo’self!

9. Bambino Goodies. Founded by Mothers, this site is a little godsend as it is SUPER affordable but really good quality! They offer a huge range of products, I am particularly for of the ‘Dress Up’ section!  I will definitely be suggesting this site to anyone asking me for tips for the little mans Christmas presents and also hunting down some lovely little stocking fillers. Have a browse here…

10. Myriad. This company was first introduced to me by my own Mama as it is well known amongst my family and friends that I am an advocate of natural wooden toys and games at heart. They have an amazing catalogue that even the small man loves to peruse and their site is great too! Everything is au naturelle and I have so so much love for that. The small man has already shown adoration for the natural coated wooden stacking/building shapes and I have turned down a fair few pages for his stocking too!

With the help of the above amazing sites and companies you are sure to be on to a winner this Christmas! Go forth and win the affections of children and parents alike! Let me know if you have used any of these before and your thoughts too…

*This post contains Affiliate links; all opinions are my own*

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