Back to basics: The importance of investing time in your relationship after becoming a parent


In previous posts about why I started Rock and Roses Mama and reviewing breaks aways and date nights with my man, I have mentioned the importance of investing time in your relationship after becoming a parent. I thought I would write in a little more depth about why I feel this is of such importance, as it really is… important.


Did I mention the word important? Oh you got that?! Well for me, I have always been an’ out and bout’ type of gal; when I found out I was pregnant I was determined that it would not change ME. I was intent on being an awesome Mama whilst still retaining my own identity and not loosing it to the “Mother’ label.

There are many many ways in which I have made this possible (and you can too!); if you don’t follow me then please do as this is the intention of my blog… to inspire you awesome Mamas to do the same! One of the ways in which me and my partner have made sure that we still feel true to our own identities is by spending quality time with each other every now and again, to retain that spark.


I mean you are in a relationship with your spouse for a reason right? Don’t forget that reason and keep that little flame (or big flame… whatever floats your boat…) was kept alight! We all tend to get lost in parenting and family that we forget the ‘couple’ that we are in too.

It is certainly difficult to do this right from the start, but as time goes on I think it is vital to spend some time with JUST your other half; wether it be once a month or once a week. Me and the Mr have always tried to do the and there are times when it has been forgotten, so we now have one ‘Date Night’ a week. Now I don’t mean we go all out and have a fancy dinner every single week, some weeks we go for a meal yes but others we simply go to the pub at the end of the road for a drink or have a takeaway/games/movie night in. It definitely helps if your family and friends think that it is important for you to do this too and are willing to babysit every now and again.


We yearly try and get away for at least one night too, which I have to say was super difficult at first but we knew it would do us a world of good! Now going away on mini breaks is much easier as the small man gets older.


I know what some of you might be thinking… “Im a mother now, my life is dedicated to my child” or “Why would you want to leave your child?” But believe me it is so super healthy and just damn right essential for you Mommas to try and do this. Just think that you are helping your little one understand relationships too! If they see you enjoying each others company and Daddy taking Mummy to a nice meal out etc… won’t they grow up with these ideals for their future relationships in mind?

Win win.

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15 thoughts on “Back to basics: The importance of investing time in your relationship after becoming a parent

  1. It is so important and we have two now (24m and 6m)so life is full on. We had our first date night a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. We struggle to get out often as we have no family around to help and friends have kids of their own to look after (two kids makes it much harder for people to volunteer) I’d love to get a night away but this is impossible without family to help. Make the most of it lovely and enjoy every moment. And thanks for reminding me to book a babysitter again soon! Xx


    1. Wow that must be a handful! Go you! I love a good date night! We are very lucky to have so many amazingly helpful family and friends… does your nursery offer babysitters? Ive used them a few times too! No worries… have fun next time you go out lovely ❤


  2. It is so important to keep the relationship alive as the reason why you are parents is because you loved eachother enough to want a family! We have started alphabet dating which gives a difference to a night to the pub or cinema as sometimes it gets a bit repetitive.

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