Our rock and rosy Halloween Weekend


I was so excited that November was here, as it meant that I could get my Rockin’ Mamas Gift Guide live for you lovely peeps to peruse, that I missed out on reflecting on one of my favourite Holiday seasons of all. I have always held a certain penchant for Halloween as I do love a good dress up session (no… Im not talking Ann Summers style!) Since I was a kid I have always loved fancy dress and one of my best friends was half Canadian so held the BEST Halloween parties! I haven’t indulged much in Halloween festivity over recent years as the small man has been so young, but this year I edged ever so slightly closer to going all out! Here is a summary of what we got up to on our rock and rosy Halloween weekend!


Since I moved in with my man a couple of years ago I realised he has a little thing for carving pumpkins. Being an artist myself I thought I would be a dab hand at this but he was so much better than me; so this year I wanted to reignite my apparently lacking skills! After seeing some beautiful photos on Instagram of Mommas and their bambinos roaming fields of orange to pick their own pumpkins I decided we would venture out to do the same.


The little man absolutely loved it, admittedly he thought that the pumpkins were balls and kept trying to throw them around, but he loved it! I don’t know why we have never thought to do this before but I am definitely going back next year and making this a new Halloween tradition.


We ended up getting one each; a Daddy pumpkins, Mummy pumpkin and a little prince Pumpkin! We carved them appropriately of course, with the little one donning the Toy Story logo, the bigger mans being the cover of Abbey Road and mine being a rose (naturally…) I have to say I was pretty impressed with the outcomes!




A big thing about Halloween for me, as aforementioned, is fancy dress! I admit my attempt was pretty poor this year (I am usually ALL over dressing up…) but as we weren’t doing anything big but we were invited to a kids lunchtime Halloween party at a certain awesome new Mommas house; the rockin’ punk Mama Carly Stirling and her little Harper Rebel Stirling. I bought the small prince a skeleton outfit (he would absolutely not wear the mask apparently!) which he rocked may I just say, and I went for a devil look in all black and horns. img_6652


Gotta love Halloween kisses! Victoria Beckham eat your heart out! 

So off we went to the party, the hostess with the mostest had made and amazing spread of ghoulish treats, including a jelly brain and severed hand sandwiches, and I made a box of cupcake goodness to contribute too! I love a cupcake me and as the hosts are vegan I made a vegan batch of Halloween cupcakes as I had an ingenious idea of how to make bats wings! Grab the recipe here.


The awesome Morticia dressed mama, along with husband Gomez and little Wednesday dressed Addams family (super cute) had so many amazing games for the kids to play too! Alongside the standard apple bobbing and pumpkin decorating, we searched for ghosts (lollipops wrapped in tissues with eyes drawn on. Genius.) pinned spiders on a web and did spooky transfer tattoos! Very impressive, and the little man had such a fun time (being the only boy there I think he was a little overwhelmed though bless him!)


They were clearly talking ‘girl stuff’…


The little man made a ghosty friend!


Transfer pumpkin tattoos! 




I even got a chance to chill while the kids played and have a little spot of ‘adult-ing’. Gotta love a bit of ‘adult-ing’ every now and again! My newly found amazing Mom tribe never fail to show me a great time!


So there you have it, our rock and rosy Halloween weekend! The actual day of Halloween was spent mostly getting irritated by the sheer volume of small (and teenage for that matter) children calling in for free candy! I mean some of them weren’t even dressed up but I had to indulge them obviously… I don’t know if anyone has actually got away with opting for the ‘trick’ option!?! Does that work?! I hope you have picked up some nifty tips and ideas for next year? I am definitely going to be going all out next year so cue a Halloween ideas with kids post…

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