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So as the season of good will approaches (rather fast I may add…) I am, in contrary to previous years of madly rushing around to grab last minute gifts, attempting to be a little more prepared and logical with my present buying. There are lots of great websites and products out there that are amazing for Moms and family buying, but I find that I get lost in buying for others that I don’t know what to say when someone asks me what I want! So… I have conjured a list of 10 of my favourite products and brands this year into this Rockin’ Mamas Christmas Gift Guide (hint hint) to inspire you!


1. I have found recently that the small man is getting to that age (to be honest he’s past it really…) where he is not needing a huge changing bag full of everything he could possibly need on an outing. We could do with a smaller more compact bag that is easier to carry as he is not always in his stroller; clearly it needs to be gorgeous too! Cue the amazing Knapsacks by Tiba & Marl, and in particular this gold number that has caught my eye! It has both changing and wet clutches, wipe clean lining, metal feet, padded lower back panel, internal laptop panel (amazing for blogging Mommas like me) and an insulated bottle pocket (great for bottle fed bubbas AND thermos flasks of coffee for Mommas!)


Tiba + Marl Kaspar Knapsack Gold Snake – £120.00

2. As the colder month draw closer I am most definitely becoming more aware for my need for warmer clothing. In particular to wear on my walk to and from work. As you may have seen in my previous post detailing the reasons I think Autumn rocks, I have an amazing new winter coat; what I needed next was a good ol’ chunky winter scarf. I was lucky enough to be sent a luxurious number from Luks Linen, which is amazingly woven and super versatile. The weave and colours are beautiful and totally me (gotta love a bit of monochrome!) and I was even more impressed to find that it is multipurpose. Whatever your Momma needs, this Peshtemal serves as throw, blanket, scarf, towel and can even be tied into a sling or bag ( I have yet to try this but will post a pic on Instagram once I’ve mastered it) They also offer a great selection of colours and patterns too, if unlike me monochrome is not your thing!




The small prince certainly thinks they are super snugly! I was sent this design in return for my honest opinion. Luke Linen Damla Blanket – £55.00

3. The Mother Book. I stumbled across this as I was purchasing a #GoodTee from The FMLY Store and I decided I needed it! As do all mothers! After watching Bad Moms I love a good show of Mommahood solidarity and this book is an amazing collaboration of utterly genius Mommas from  Mother Pukka, Hurrah 4 Gin, You’re so Mummy and Dress like a Mum. They are also donating £2 from every sale to a great charity mothers2mothers. At only £10… thats perfection of a stocking filler right there!

4. Ok so Im a massive fan of anything ‘Mama’ in clothing. I love love love a good Mama tee and I recently purchased a stunner, as previously mentioned, designed by Selfish Mother and Tiba + Marl. I have made a little sub-list if you will of my faves!

1. Parent Apparel anything! Super bright colours and snappy tagline like ‘The Tooth Hurts’ and ‘School Runnings’… they do them for the whole family too!

2. #GoodTees by Selfish Mother as mentioned above… LOVE! They also donate £10 of every womens T-shirt sale and £5 of every children T-shirt sale to one of their amazing charities.


Not the best picture of the actual graphics but it was perfect for a Mama night out to see Bad Moms and rock my lush Selfish Mother Tee. The Leopard Print MOTHER 70’s Tee – £30.00

3. Bax and Bay are all about the foxes and I am loving their Mama Fox tees.

4. MAMA Love Tee, I stumbled across these on Instagram and fell in love with the design. Rachel Kellett was inspired by her childs painting and used it as the lettering for her amazing MAMA tees. Genius!

5. Sugartits badges. I saw Mother Pukka don one of these bad boys on Instagram and decided I needed some immediately! They are amazing little ‘positive pills’ that we are awesome and should never forget that. Grab some and chuck them on anything and everything! You can find them on Instagram here.


Sugartits Positive Pills – £4.00 each

6. Sweetly Simple ‘Wellness Potions’. The staple of any Mommahood adventure is feeling awesome about yourself inside and out. These totally herbal, magical powders will do just that. You mix one spoonful into your beverage of choice (I admittedly tried coffee but steer clear of that… thicker drinks like smoothies work best… and taste lush too!) They come with different attributes and make you feel brighter and more motivated. I was sent a selection of three to try and my personal favourite is the ‘Brilliance’, I have yet to try the ever so tempting ‘Love’ potion… Grab your potion of choice here and start feeling fabulous inside as well as out!


These are sample pouches I was sent in return for my honest opinion. Sweetly Simple ‘Wellness Potions’, 70g jar – £18.00

7. If you saw my previous post mentioned earlier on the reasons Autumn rocks, you will have seen these amazing Winter ankle boots from NEXT. I am hoping a lovely person I know will see this and answer my prayers… I need these (obviously) and I think every sane woman does too! They are stunning and will make any winter outfit pop.


NEXT Berry Leather Micro Stud Strap Boots – £70.00

8. No Christmas is complete without thinking of the year ahead, and a busy Momma needs a good 2017 Diary of course! Im a massive Paperchase advocate so will probably be heading over there to indulge if no one else does for me this Winter… Everything they sell is just beautiful. For a company who essentially just sells stationary they are rocking it with gorgeous prints and quirky illustrations.

9. So other that rocking Mamahood (well…) and hoping to inspire a nation of lost Mamas, I do enjoy a good baking session (I share them here as my Rosy Mama Recipes) and as I think I have mentioned before i have weirdly never actually owned a baking cookbook! So other than the amazing Martha Stewart I am quite fond of Nigella. Naturally. Her recipes are my go to whenever I need to bake something and I haven’t the foggiest how to go about it! My mum thankfully has nearly all of her books but she lives in Somerset so that kind of makes it a little difficult to use them frequently! ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ has always been my favourite! In my mums copy the pancake recipe has been used so much it has been stuck together a fair few times with batter!


These were made for the small mans 2nd Birthday Party using Nigellas basic biscuit recipe. How To be a Domestic Goddess – £9.99

10. If you follow me you will know that I insistently ramble on about that all important part of Mommahood that often gets overlooked and should immediately be fed and regularly watered! I of course mean your relationship, it is vital for any parents to go out on the occasional date night (even stay in and have one for that matter) to get back to basics and retain some sanity in your relationship. So this year, for Christmas (without getting overly Mariah Carey on you…) all I really want… is a fancy shmancy date night with the fella. I mean we make a consented effort to do this and have been to some lovely restaurants and cinemas recently but I’m talking ‘get all dressed up and feel like a princess for a night’ date night. Brasserie Blanc Im looking at you… or maybe Restaurant27… Not that I’m dropping hints or anything…

So there we go… My Rockin’ Mamas Christmas Gift Guide! I hope you find some inspiration for yourself or your partner; and hey, why not treat yourself? You deserve it!

*I was sent samples of some of the products in this Gift Guide in return for my honest opinion*


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