‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 6


In line with last weeks ‘Let it go Moments’, this week I have been long suffering with the common cold much like my previously ‘man flu’ afflicted partner. My second Elsa, break out into song on a mountain top, moment is one Im sure all parents of toddlers (or any age little cherubs for that matter – cherub is used very loosely here) will relate to; all eyes on you and what does the little one do? Commence a classic QUEEN worthy ‘I want to break free’ session of feral madness.

1. So I have been fighting with immune system for about two weeks now and it is just not shifting! My horrible cold slipped away briefly for a matter of days before my other half seems to have returned it to me but with multiplied strength and tenacity. The little man also has sniffles but he is a trooper and doesn’t let anything bother him apart from the snotty nose which is a minor setback and needs my wiping tissue clenched hand every 5 minutes. The cough is the worst bit as it just lingers every morning and night.

I have had it such a long time though that somehow I have stopped noticing it; it has become a normal occurrence to cough and blow my nose every morning straight after waking up as Im close to gagging on my own mucus (lush) Ive let it go! Weirdly…

2. So on to the wild child moment that has forced me to let go all inhibitions and embarrassment surrounding having children. Me and the man are planning our upcoming nuptials and as avid Beatles fans we dreamed of a Love Actually style, musicians rising from the aisles to serenade us with ‘All you need is Love’… we have since settled for a choir singing it which will be beautiful, but I am still searching for a willing trumpeter!

Anyway, they invited us to the school where they rehearse to have a listen to them sing before we booked them, as we could not find a babysitter in time we took the little man with us hoping that as it was nearing bedtime he would be docile and calm (he also quite like women singing; I used to sing ‘Hey Jude’ to him as a baby to settle him to sleep and he always leers around at Disney films anytime a lead lady strikes up a song!)

Needless to say, you know where this is going, he was quite the opposite. Im talking running around like a madman, trying to play the piano (while the guy was playing it bless him!) climbing on to the stage and shrieking! Two women even tried to help us and pacify him, bless them, with a film on their phone and a stress ball to play with but he was having none of it! He saw a room full of people and lots of chairs to climb on and he ran free.

i was at first embarrassed as i thought the choir might think we weren’t paying attention or that we were being disrespectful, but when the lovely ladies tried to help us I thought, fuck it. These women have done it before, they know what toddlers are all about. He is just being a classic toddler and not wanting to sit still! He’s an outdoorsy kid who loves to roam free, and apparently thats what he’s going to do!

And why not! If a child is willing to NOT sit and watch a mind numbing television show and show interest in the outdoors and nature and running wild, thats amazing!

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