Rosy Mama Recipes: Basic sweet Shortbread

Rosy Mama Recipes

So Ive been experimenting with baking ever since becoming a Mama as Im sure that during birth there is this switch that suddenly clicks on in your brain that gives you the mama instinct to become a budding Nigella lawson or something?! Anyone else experienced this? I was truly terrible at all things backing in my no parenting days and suddenly now I find myself altering recipes, changing ingredients and writing my own recipes for you lovely peeps to enjoy with a cuppa! I love shortbread, the Starbucks choc chip variety are to die for, and have always hankered after getting mine just right. I will say that if you like very hard shortbread these are not for you; if you like crispy but ,melt in the mouth shortbread then you have come to the right place! Even my sweet treat disliking Mr eats these when I make my Basic sweet Shortbread.



Fyi I’m going with it being ‘basic’ as it can be added to in loads of utterly delicious ways (think any type of chocolate treat thrown in the mix!) The ingredients are also very basic and simply requires adding the first quantity on top of itself to make the next… You can pretty much start with any quantity of caster sugar you want and just keep adding it on for the next ingredient. My recipe makes around 8 shortbread triangles (my favoured shape…)


120g Caster sugar

240g Butter (I always go with Stork personally)

360g Plain Flour (For an extra fluffy texture use 240g Plain Flour and 120g Cornflour)



Now this part is SUPER basic so you can’t really go wrong!


So firstly weigh out all of the ingredients together in one bowl and combine by firmly mixing the ingredients round with a wooden spoon whilst pushing the mixture against the sides of the bowl as you go.


You want the mixture to be combined, i.e. no visible lumps of any of the three ingredients, but still fairly crumbly.

You can now press the mixture into a pre greased tin of choice; I always go for a round cake tin as i like to cut my shortbread into wedges, but you can bake your shortbread in a deep baking tray and cut it into squares or rectangles too if you so wish! Use your fingers or a smooth tool to firmly press the mixture down into your tin so it is all even and smooth.


I tend to like the traditional style of shortbread and pop fork holes into the top. The finishing touch is to sprinkle some more caster sugar on top of the shortbread before popping into the oven; just to give it an extra crisp (you can even sprinkle more on after its come out of the oven too!)



Now I have tried and tested this with my new old fashioned gas oven and I find that around 30/40 mins on Gas Mark 5 is fine for a crispy top but crumbly smooth centre. If you want a harder shortbread I would recommend a lower temperature for longer (You can also get away with cutting into shapes and then returning to the oven if you are not happy with the centre of the shortbread)

I would say cut your shortbread once it has only cooled a little as if you leave it too long it might start to crumble while cutting.

Once you have cooked, cooled and cut devour instantly with a hot beverage of choice! Bliss!




As you can see I love a huge wedge (doorstop worthy really!) of shortbread with a nice cup of tea, but you can also chuck chocolate chips in your mixture before mixing. Have even been known to separate the mixture into two halves and laying sliced mars bars in-between the two layers of shortbread. Delicious. My most recent addition to my Basic sweet Shortbread recipe is Millionaire Shortbread; which I am yet to perfect and share with you… I’m getting there though!


Have a go and tell me how you get on with my Rosy Mama Recipes: Basic sweet Shortbread. Share your sweet treat additions if you find something that really works well with it too!

7 thoughts on “Rosy Mama Recipes: Basic sweet Shortbread

  1. It’s after 10pm, I’ve just read it and I want a bug wedge of shortbread!!! It looks delicious and I think I got my baking moje back thanks to you ☺

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