Momma time: Is it ‘ok’ to leave our bundles of joy for some well earned Momma time? Some think not…


There has been some fervent debate surrounding Luisa Zissman, star of The Apprentice, because she posted pictures of herself sunning on holiday with friends on Instagram after leaving 11 week old and 6 year old daughters at home. The photos sparked some pretty awful judgements from mothers who deemed it absolutely despicable that she would even consider leaving her children to go on a holiday with her friends, especially as one of her children is still so young. She has since defended her point, very nicely I might add; with generous sarcasm, and stated that it was a well needed mini break but now she’s looking forward to seeing her ‘babies’.

Why are we so judgemental of other mothers needs to have some well earned Momma time? Is it that some are jealous of the strength that this woman has shown to retain her self identity after having children? Or are there some mothers out there that actually think that being a ‘mother’ is the be all end all once you’ve given up your body to push them into your world?  


Personally, as you already know by now If you know what this Rock and Roses Mama is all about, I think that we Mamas have ben through an awful lot since receiving that all important sperm; we have totally and utterly given ourselves to an other person for the rest of our lives. After birth though, although our bodies feel like deflated balloons, we claim our body back (obviously there is breastfeeding for most but lets be honest this keeps our ladies looking fantastic and helps with toning our kangaroo pouches too!) Is it so wrong to want some Momma time child free for just a day or two?

I breastfed for 8 months so couldn’t leave my little man until he was on the bottle and I was back to work, and I have to admit it was pretty upsetting leaving him (alcohol doesn’t help) but I knew how important it was for me and my partner to have some time to ourselves; just be ‘us’. Is there a right age to leave them? Surely the younger they are the less they will remember you not being there anyway? My small prince actually had a great time with his Nana the first time we left him and I think it is good for him to affirm solid caregiving relationships with other family members and grow with all of his family around him so comfortably.

I think it is integral to regaining your awesome rockin’ self to having some Momma time, either alone or with a partner. Your little one is an extension of you and who you are and they would want you to still retain your passions and self identity without letting ‘Mamahood’ take over who you are entirely.

Do you agree? Or have I just created a mob of very angry Mommas that think I am mad? Is it so wrong to want to be ‘you’ after becoming a mother?

When did you first leave your little ones? Join the debate!


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