My Manchester Mini-Break with the Man: Child and guilt free!

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So I have always rambled on about how super important it is to spend time with your partner after you bring your little people into your world; and I mean one on one time, child free! It is essential to get back to basics as a couple and have some quality ‘adult’ time doing the things you love and enjoying each others company. This doesn’t have to be a huge feat, just a night out once in a while will do just fine! At the end of each month I will be listing my favourite ‘date nights’ and give tips on how/where to go about it (hopefully in the future I can offer cheeky discount vouchers and giveaways too for you to have a perfect night) This week, as it was the Mr’s Birthday we went on a little vacay to Manchester, our Manchester Mini Break if you will, child (and most importantly) guilt free!


Ok so I know what you are all thinking; Manchester? Not exactly the romance capital of the UK, but it was all for a good reason as the man is a massive Manchester United supporter and I paid for us to go on a Tour of Old Trafford for his Birthday. As it is about a 4/5 hour drive from us we took it as an opportunity to have a little time to ourselves and stayed two nights away in a snazzy apartment just the two of us thanks to Inspired Apartments and

Manchester is pretty far from where we live and we took this as an opportunity for an epic road trip and planned all of our fave songs and stopped off for lunch; I always like to think of the journey as part of the adventure! Otherwise you get all bogged down with travelling before you’ve even started whats supposed to be a relaxing trip away!

Once we had arrived we were super impressed with the apartment; especially the lime green colour scheme throughout. The attention to detail was lovely and they even put out pods for the Nespresso machine that we could use! We normally book a room in a hotel so it was quite nice to have an entire apartment to ourselves and meant that we had the freedom to choose our own time for breakfast and use the kitchen facilities at our own leisure (which we thought saved money in the long run as we weren’t forced to buy breakfast/lunch/dinner every time; we also bought food from home to cook too)

After a wander around the local area, Media City and Quayside (and basking in the glory of the BBC and ITV studios; any of you Corrie fans out there would have loved it… definitely saw the set!) we got our bearings and found a few pubs and bars to have a few beverages in to celebrate our first date night! Needless to say the Man saw this as a great opportunity to have a drink fuelled evening just the two of us, which we don’t get very often without knowing in the back of our minds that we have to parent in the early hours after!


I am always banging on about how important it is to retain a self identity after becoming a parent, and this applies to fathers too! So I indulged my partners love for football, especially Manchester united and bought him a tour of Old Trafford for his Birthday (Thank you Activity Superstore)  After a chilled, and surprisingly not so hung over, breakfast we wandered down to the stadium and joined our group for the tour. I was worried that i would be mind numbingly bored as football is quite frankly totally not my thing, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed myself!


The tour was great actually and kudos to the two tour guides who made it really fun; involving the guests and entertaining some cheeky banter! As well as seeing the, impressive, stadium we were taking behind the scenes to the dressing rooms, conference room, VIP room, dug out, and players tunnel (cue video of me walking and giggling down the players tunnel with canned cheering in the background… I’m not sharing…) I was really impressed and had a great time; may have even learned a few things!


After a chilled stroll and lunch back at the apartment we headed out for a fancy dinner for two! This is also very rare so I made sure I was looking epic and spend a good hour or so getting ready (which proved a little more difficult as Id totally forgotten to pack my heat defence spray so straightening my mop was interesting!) We chose to go to Bella Italia as I knew they always are so cosy and candlelit. Perfect. (Also we both adore Italian food! Cue potential honeymoon destination!)



I was also fervently reminded by my mother every time I checked in with her and my small man that I must not feel guilty about leaving him. I have to admit now he is older i do find it easier to leave him with grandparents as I know how important it is for him as well as us for me and the man to spend time one to one; child and guilt free! We were admittedly missing him quite a lot by the time it was home day… may have driven quite fast in excitement to see his little face!

It was SUCH a good few nights away and even the drive home was made fun by some rocking out and questionable singing! I highly recommend taking a little mini-break to wherever with your other half and getting back to basics; we can get so swept up by parenthood and the day to day dullness of routine/working life that we forget that spark. We forget to set aside time for our relationships.


Have you had a mini break recently? Do you need to set aside some time for your relationship? Anywhere you recommend?


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10 thoughts on “My Manchester Mini-Break with the Man: Child and guilt free!

  1. This sounds immense. I’m not gonna lie, I’m quite jel right now…it takes some serious begging for us to get a babysitter for the evening to attend a wedding / party etc so an overnight is a rare bonus. Not sure how it would go down if we asked for a whole weekend pass! One day maybe…one day…
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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    1. Haha it was pretty lush to have some quality me and him time ❤ We are very lucky that we have so many family members around us that understand it is important to us to still go out either on our own or as a couple. My partner gigs every weekend too so I have to find babysitters frequently if I ever want to leave the house in an evening! No worries ❤


  2. I am also so jel!! We don’t have much family close that she knows well enough to not freak out if they appeared in her room over night but my mum is going to mind her overnight this Saturday for the first time! We have a wedding to go to and I am beyond excited/nervous about it. Your tip about enjoying the journey struck a chord so I am gonna make a killer playlist I know we’ll both love to make it part of the experience 🙂 #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww yeah we are very lucky with having so many willing babysitters around us! Oooooh have fun! Yes the playlist rock out is always a good shout… especially if it is the first time you’ll have been away from your little one for the night ❤ Have an awesome evening! You deserve it!

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