‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 5


So this week the Mr and I went on a lush little mini break and left the small man in the house with Boushka (my aptly named, Kate Bush loving mama) And as the reason for our mini break was the Mr’s Birthday we have been super busy since we’ve been back home and haven’t had much of a chance to actually just sit and chill! My ‘let it go moments’ this week are therefore themed on being outside the home as, like I’m sure most mommas, things can get quite stressful when you are out with a toddler!

1. Whenever there is a special occasion, my mans family like to have a big party or dinner. When I say big I mean big, his family is huge! So needless to say there are always tons of people milling around chatting, attempting to sit round a table and eat, going upstairs and down. Now I get very tense in situations like this when it approaches the small mans usual ‘nap time’; as Im sure you have all experienced once or twice they tend to get a little (I use the word ‘little’ lightly here…) tetchy. Trying to get him to nap in such a situation is a nightmare, as is endlessly explaining to family members that “yes he is fine, he’s just tired”.

What have I learnt recently… just let it go. If he fights his afternoon nap for today then so be it! It is totally not worth the hassle of spending what feels like a lifetime attempting to keep him in the same place and distracted from all that is going on around him while enduring stares from people thinking you are torturing your child, just for half an hour/hours peace! He always goes to bed fine no matter wether he has had a nap or not so I’m letting it go.

2. I have also started realising more recently that as the small prince grows older that he is becoming more able to independently play without someone watching over him like a hawk. There have been a few social situations recently when the little man has found an area/items of play and I have stood over him or joined in with him a I usually would, but then realised that I am one of only a few parents still doing this. A lot of children toddler age and upwards seem to be left to roam free and run wild (in a child friendly environment I’m talking… like a garden or playroom/area)

While I spend my time watching over my child play I am told by other parents “He’ll be fine” and “Theres nowhere for him to run off to” So I have tried actually being a little more loosey goosey when letting him play solo without adult supervision and he has been fine. He’s great, actually! He loves playing with other kids and loves feeling independent bless him, so Ive learnt to ‘let it go’ and just maybe keep a watchful eye from afar instead of following him around while he plays.

I suppose it is all natural in between stages of them growing up, letting things go that you might not need to do anymore; learning to let HIM go a little more.

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