My secret rockin’ site, Grattify: A Review

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If you follow me you will have seen my post detailing how to rock your kids next birthday party with a tribal theme; the theme was based around our amazingly cool present for our little man which was a monochrome teepee that I purchased from Grattify. I am totally in love with it and posted it all over social media with great response! I have since been asked back to the site to check out their spanking new feature that lets you ‘Make an Offer’ on an item to get a personalised price. I decided to give it a go and grab a matching play mat and I have to say I was really impressed! It is not going to be a secret anymore… this site is pretty rockin’.


Firstly, I should note that Grattify is not only for kids items (although the majority of my pursuing naturally falls in this category… #mumlife) but has a plethora of different areas that they market to including interiors, men and womens fashion, kitchenware, garden accessories and more.

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.42.24.png

It is a ‘design marketplace’ so it sources high quality products directly from artists and designers which gives it that amazing ‘one off’ quirky feel that you might only get from shopping in ‘The Lanes’.  Don’t be put off by the ‘designer’ feel though, they do cater for all budgets so main presents and stocking fillers alike (we are very aware the big C word is coming…) They also add products each week just to freshen up your shopping inspo and keep you on your toes!


They were kind enough to send some lovely natural wooden puzzles for the small prince which he couldn’t wait for me to get out of the packaging! (I’m a sucker for wooden toys… its the earth momma in me trying desperately to break free!)

The teepee we bought for the small mans birthday was a definite hit and is actually one of Grattifys best selling products at the moment; they come in loads of amazing minimalist designs and colours too to match any space. It was pretty easy to assemble and the instructions were a breeze; there was even a little cutesie wooden feather to adorn the poles at the top! My little man loves a book and the teepee is now his favourite place to chill with his favourite read. Teepee Wigwam Monochrome

Ok Im getting carried away with the tepee (its so gorgeous!)… as I mentioned earlier Grattify have a snazzy new feature that when you go to place an item in your basket, as you would do at most other online retailers, you can instead bargain with them by ‘Making an Offer’. This offer is then reviewed and you are emailed with a responding bargaining offer or acceptance, pretty cool huh? I managed to nab a nifty £15 off the original retail price for the play mat and that felt good; that warm feeling you get when you manage to grab a bargain.

The play mat itself was made by a designer called Nukko Design and matched the teepee perfectly (I love a bit of monochrome) Needless to say the little man loved it; the pom pom trim was a nice touch. He actually spends a lot more time in his little reading room now that he did before it had a floor!


I was also really impressed with the correspondence I received after ordering; I was updated as to when the play mat had been sourced from the designer, when it was shipped and when to expect delivery (which if your anything like me and get super excited for deliveries, this is perfect) All round good times with Grattify. Truly #grattifying

They have even been generous enough to offer you awesome mamas an EXTRA discount when purchasing through the ‘Make an Offer’ feature by using the code RANDRMAMA when checking out. So go check it out! (Is that the distant jingle of Christmas bells I hear?!?)

*This post is sponsored by however all opinions are my own*

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  1. That teepee is lush! Our girls used to have a teepee, but they just never played in it which was such a shame. We kept it in our play room, I brought it out into the garden and into our living room, but they just weren’t interested! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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