10 Reasons Autumn rocks: With nifty tips & advice.

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I think I have always previously thought I was more of a summer loving hippie chic who adored to roam beaches and festivals; while this is still true I have grown a definite fondness to Autumn as the season is approaching. Here are my reasons why this Mama is rocking Autumn and how you can too!


1. Fall Fashion:

I’m a sucker for fashion and I have come to realise that i think Autumn falls (see what I did there…!) hand in hand with fashion as, unlike the hot clammy summer months of trying to wear as little as possible whilst still retaining a sense of style, there is the necessity to accessorise and invest in lots of cosier wardrobe pieces that can be layered and styled with one another. Here are a few of my fave NEXT Autumn 2016 pieces, some which I have already cheekily invested in and LOVE and some that are on my wishlist calling for me to buy them!


I have got this already and I am so in love with it; super cosy and jazzes up pretty much any outfit. I am a massive leopard print addict so this was a no brainer for my Autumn wardrobe.


Every Autumn wardrobe requires a jumper dress… super easy to wear and this one has great detailing.


Boots… boots… boots… I am in LOVE with these berry boots. They are just waiting to be mine! Style these with dresses and jeans alike for Autumn perfection.

2. Colours: 

This comes hand in hand with the fashion point too as I love the colours of Autumn and the trends that reflect that. Animal print is one of my all time fave trends and I wear it most days to be honest in some format! The beautiful Autumnal shades of browns, deep reds and oranges are just so warming and cosy to wearing to experience in nature.

3. Crunching leaves:

The most satisfying fall activity that I have always loves when this time of year creeps up; even now as an adult if I see a particularly crunchy looking leaf on the pavement I will purposefully walk on it to hear that crunch. Bliss.

4. Conkers & Crafts:

I knew Autumn was upon us as I walked to work last week and saw the first conker of the season fall to the ground. I remember as children we would pop them on a piece of string and ‘play conkers’, anyone still do that? Well as the little man is only a wee bairn Boushka (If you haven’t read any of my posts before then this is what we call my mother as in her quirk she decided not to be known as the traditional Grandma or Nana and opted for the Russian translation… we like it) took him to collect conkers, got out the paint and did an amazing Autumnal craft session rolling the conkers in the paint. He loved it!


She even cut the paintings out into leaf shapes. Gotta love an Autumnal craft session.

5. Hot drinks:

Ok so can you honestly think of anything more relaxing than being all snuggled up under a blanket while the wind is howling and your sipping a warming cup of [insert favoured hot beverage here] ? I love a nice hot chocolate with all the trimmings; we’re talking squirty cream, marshmallows AND chocolate shaving here guys. Take an evening out and have some well earned Momma time with your favourite mug filled with your favourite warm drink. Bliss.

6. Spiced everything:

I get very excited when Autumn is here as everywhere starts selling spiced everything; wine, coffee, biscuits… I’m in spice heaven! I have always loved a good German Christmas Market as there is always Mulled Wine (or Gluhwein) and spiced biscuits. I am also partial to a Chai Latte and love the excuse to indulge when Autumn arrives! If you love spice as much as me then please order a Chai Latte next time you are in a coffee house, you will not regret it!


Lidl are now stocking these bad boys; Lebkuchen. I am like a kid who has just been told they are going to Disney Land when I see these in stores!

7. Pumpkins and Halloween:

I love any excuse to dress up, and no I don’t mean Ann Summers style! Halloween is the perfect time of year for me to go all out on fancy dress; go big or go home when it comes to dressing up. You have to give it your all and really commit to an outfit or there is really no point. I also love getting crafty (see Reason 4.) and pumpkin carving is a MUST for this time of year; find a big badass pumpkin and go mad.

Halloween-Baby-dress up-fancy dress-Autumn-Skeleton

This was our little man on his first Halloween…

8. Autumnal walks:

If you follow my blog or Instagram you will know that I am partial to a good Country Park day out and recently we went to Staunton Country Park for a lush Autumnal walk. The chill in the air is not too cold but fresh and crisp and gorgeous coloured leaves coat the ground. Our next craft session will be collecting leaves and printing with them on our next Autumnal walk. Its so important to get the little ones in amongst nature and getting lots of fresh air even in the colder months so wrap up all warm and cosy and take a stroll! Most Country Parks are free too so theres no excuse!


The little prince had a great time picking up the leaves and watching them fall back to the ground.


9. Baking:

Again with the spices I’m afraid, but Autumn makes for amazing cinnamon recipes and my all time fave is my spiced apple muffins which are always a massive hit. Baking with kids is always great and on those chilly Autumn days when you want to stay in and curl up on the sofa, theres nothing quite like a freshly baked sweet treat. Check out my Rosy Mama Recipes for inspiration!


I will be popping up the recipe for these delicious bad boys soon!

10. Blanketed snuggles:

My favourite of all reasons is that the cold weather calls for indulging in a bit of good ol’ fashioned snuggling under your favourite cosy blanket. Pop on the fire, make that toasty warm drink, find a feel good movie and curl up on the sofa with the  fam. That is all.

Enjoy Autumn all! I hope you love it as much as this Momma does!

Any other reasons that you love Autumn? Feel free to share the love and let me know if you find any of my tips useful for rocking this time of year.


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20 thoughts on “10 Reasons Autumn rocks: With nifty tips & advice.

  1. Yaaaas to every single thing!

    I think autumn is the best time fashion wise (not that I have ANY style), because it’s those not-too-hot, not-too-cold days where you can really showcase your style without worrying about being a sweaty mess or freezing to death!

    I am eagerly awaiting the recipe for those spiced apple muffins 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww I find that layers help as you can shed them easily! I made the mistake of wearing a jumper and leather jacket whilst driving earlier and wished I had a little top on underneath! Its all about the layers 😉 ❤


  2. So you already know I’m a fan of the shoes…but now I’m off to google that Next jumper dress! LOVE!

    We got sick of the four walls come midday today and donned our wellies and a cute bag to collect leaves. Autumn is nature at is best isn’t it?!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes the shoes are pretty awesome! I still haven’t acquired the jumper dress… but it will be mine!! Love leaves… can’t wait to go collect a load and get sticking/painting with them! ❤


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