Working mom vs Stay at home mom: Could society decide already?


So Im sure all of you have seen the massive ‘Flex Appeal’ campaign that Mother Pukka has started with ‘Work that Works’ at Digital Mums helping shift the ways of working for pregnant and returning to work moms; if you haven’t go check it out she is doing marvellous things and really raising awareness of some pretty shocking stats. It is a topic very close to my heart and affecting brilliant mommas around me.


Lets face it we are not in the 50’s anymore… so why do we still live in a society where childcare lies predominantly on the shoulders of women. I find the opinion is either a 50’s housewife expectation or a serious frown on ‘stay at home moms’ that rely on government funding to do so. We as women are expected to give up ourselves and our vision for a career of our own for our children, but with the growing emphasis on ‘benefit moms’ being shunned what are we to do? Is it really possible to be a mother as well as a career driven woman? Im pretty sure it is but society (and the government) can’t seem to make up its mind!

I was personally always intent on returning to work as society seems to often look badly (especially in the area in which I live) on mums that seem to be ‘sponging’ from the government by not working. I understand there are women that do this but there are so so many more women that truly want to work that are being forced out of their jobs or not accepted when looking for new ones that are more suitable. Why does society seem to frown upon stay at home mothers but then make it extremely difficult for them to actually work? Decide already!

I have to admit my employer was sort of flexible when it came to me returning to work; save having to travel to a store that is further away but I drive so didn’t see it as a massive issue. My hours were flexible and I can request whatever days off I need, I think for me I just don’t like ‘being at work’. At first it was great to have some time to myself, out of the house solo. But in time I have come to wish that I was more mentally stimulated in my work… or that i could involve motherhood and my little man in my work; hence starting this blog as I have always had a passion for writing and a mind full of ideas and inspiration.

I am lucky that i do have strengths that can be transpired into working for myself; and that is what I am aiming to do. Hopefully one day i can cut down my hours at my day job or leave to be my own mom boss and feel closer to my family and my passions.

Enough about me, there are women around me that have not been so fortunate with working situations and have not been able to return to work at all. I have one amazing friend who has moved since becoming a mom so cannot return to her previous employment and every time she has sought to seek work on a part time basis that is flexible around her child she has been turned away; on numerous occasions might I add.

Another of my amazing momma clan ladies has been told that she cannot return to work unless she is willing to travel half the country to get there (or near enough…) and bearing in mind that she doesn’t drive, this is pretty much impossible seeing as her hours would mean she would be leaving the house at 5.30 and not returning until about 8 at night. There is an office nearer her home but they have said that she cannot go to that one and must travel to the one further away. Needless to say this is not going to work and is causing a lot of unwanted stress and sadness that is just not necessary when a mother is simply trying to return to work.

Luckily she does have a new venture that I’m hoping will take off and provides her with a passion to follow, if you are a lover of all things handmade, knitted or sewn check out Rebel Crafts. She can pretty much make anything and is currently working on a fabric pocketed Advent Calendar I commissioned her for the little man!

Why do employers suddenly see us as an invalid or a nuisance to a company as soon as we become pregnant or wish to return to work after maternity leave? I am a really hard worker when I am at work, being a mother doesn’t mean I care any less about doing a good job. Yes ok I admit that once I am out of work my focus is my family… but when I am there i do the best that I can as I like having my own income, I love feeling independent and I love being able to contribute financially to the household.

If anything mothers have a lot of attributes vital to any employer! So why is it so difficult for us to find ‘Work that Works’?!

Twin Mummy and Daddy

9 thoughts on “Working mom vs Stay at home mom: Could society decide already?

  1. Brilliant post! I’ve worked full time for as long as I remember, and only went part time after the birth of our twins. They’re almost five now, but I have to agree with you the opinion on part time mums or stay at home mums and those who are working full time needs to change. Popping over to digital mums to have a read. Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

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    1. Thank you! Its definitely a topic open for much discussion… ‘times they are a changin’ and society seems confused to catch up! It seems to be a very hazy subject for mothers and employers… thank you for stopping by ❤


  2. A wonderful thought provoking post will be taking a look at digital mum’s Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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