Sunday Funday: A Family Day Out to Staunton Country Park

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We very rarely get a whole day and evening just the three of of and when we do we like to make the most of it; last Sunday we decided to have a family fun day out to Staunton Country Park as recommended by my mama friend over at @mummymkschronicle  then a cheeky Sunday lunch at our favourite and recently revamped Green King pub The Castle in the Air.

I was super excited as i love Autumn and a country park with all the crunchy leaves and crisp air was the perfect setting for a lush day with my men.


As we approached we realised that either the sat nav had taken us the wrong way or Staunton Country Park is huge! It took us past the car park and to a country looking lane on the right hand side of the road, then we went back and parked the lovely little old man parking attendant with ‘Help’ across his neon clad chest told us that the park has two sides on either side of the road; the least is home to the farm and gardens and the right is the natural country park itself (he even shoed us amazing pictures and told us some nifty tips for claiming our parking money back and making sure we knew not to its all of the super pretty places!)

So the entry fee to the farm side is reasonable and even more so if you redeem your parking voucher off the full ticket price! You can also buy food for the animals too… we indulged naturally!



Small prince made a friend!

Now we have taken the little man to Zoos and farms before and he has not paid that much attention to the animals but i think that was down to age and interest levels; at Staunton though he LOVED the goats and really enjoyed feeding them! I didn’t think he would play ball but he had such a lovely time and was giggling away stroking them and feeding them. It was wonderful! I think the fact that it didn’t feel too busy (as is so big!) and was more chilled than other places we’ve taken him to before meant that we could spend time with the animals and at our own leisure.



It is seriously endless… there were s many little paths and hidden walkways that you could venture around with a plethora of animals.

There was even a great natural wooden play area for toddlers (there was an indoor ‘Play Barn’ too but was for ages 5 and over) Im a great fan of natural wooden shiz so love it when places indulge and get down with nature too.


We were a little hesitant to let the small wild child loose in there as he is still quite little and sometimes doesn’t get on well with lots of children playing on what he wants to play on, but he was great bless him! He really is growing in to his own now and was a little gem!


My personal favourite part of the farm was the lush wonderland esque gardens, if you follow my blog or Instagram feed then you will have seen my snaps of my favourite daisy like flowers already!



There are never enough photos of m and my little man as Im usually behind the camera, but the Mr knows that on family days out he is camera man supreme!

As we explored the right hand side of the road leading to Staunton Country Park and found a map on entering we realised the enormity of the place; it was huge! Like a warren of twisting country paths and fields leading to some spectacular views!


I was on the hunt for the place that the lovely ‘Help’ man had pointed us to which was a huge lake and little Chinese bridge. We wandered around the woodlands and the little man got lost in the adventure playing with the gorgeous browning Autumn leaves, meandering patch and trees.


Got to love a shoe snap… any excuse to show off my new  leopard print Vans!



The lake, when we found it, was absolutely breathtaking; the super helpful little old man was right! I couldn’t believe how hidden it is, such a lovely place to take a picnic! The small man did show serious interest in becoming a duck though and we had to prevent him from running straight into the lake to join them!


SUCH a beautiful little hidden bridge, we nearly missed it!


We didn’t have time to explore the whole park, which is good as gives us an excuse to go back! To be honest we would have done anyway as it was beautiful. The men enjoyed themselves running around the hordes of open space like wild things and we all used up loads of energy ready for our lush pub lunch and chilled Sunday sofa evening. Beaut.



Let me know if you have been to any super amazing places on family days out recently; Im always up for exploring new places with my men!

If you’re interested in going, Staunton Country Park and Farm is just off the B2149 between Havant and Horndean (follow the brown tourist signs!)

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: A Family Day Out to Staunton Country Park

  1. Such a gorgeous place – I love the snaps. Possibly love the shoes the most though 😉
    It’s always a surprise when the kids suddenly can enjoy something they were never into before – animals at a zoo, a play area, before we know it it’ll be boys/girls and Blue WKD.
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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    1. I am totally in love with the shoes… oh god i remember the days of asking parents to buy me Smirnoff Ice for a night at a friends house! i dread the days… but am kinda excited for them too at the same time ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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