‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 3


I have felt relatively calm this week in comparison to previous ones; I am certain that learning to ‘let go’ and chill every once in a while has definitely go something to do with it. Also I have a very rare week off with my Mr coming up so I am contently aware that a nice relaxing break is on the horizon! I have however had to force myself to have a few ‘let it go moments’ to spare me the strain and headache of stressing over minute details in the grand scheme if life…

1. So ever since I fell pregnant I had a weird thing with smells; now I know that it is quite common to dislike or even hate smells you used to be fond of like coffee etc, but my weird thing is superhuman! I genuinely can smell bad smells that others really just can’t. I have been known on occasion to be crawling around on the floor as Im certain a cat has come in the house and sprayed… and 9 times out of 10 I find the source and love a cheeky ‘I told you so…’.

Well I gave birth over 2 years ago and it has continued (and possible worsened) ever since! My partner hates it, he once challenged me to just for one day not be sniffing around or moaning about a bad smell; needless to say I struggled and eventually failed! I mean the house is old  (or retro as the Mr likes to call it) so occasionally it smells musty or just ‘old’ ( you know the ‘old’ smell you get…) and there seems to be nothing I can do about it despite my many many purchases of diffusers, candles and sprays.

I think though… that the time has come to just let it go; so this week I have done my best to just embrace the musty smells, the cat food smell, the damp clothes on airer smell (the list goes on) as there is not much I can do about it. I do worry that others will smell these smells when they come round but I have come to realise that my superhuman senses aren’t shared by everyone and I think I’m the only one that notices! Solution: Let it go!

2. Im no hardcore ‘earth mama’ but I do feel a pang of irritation every time I find something electrical has been left on, and I have put it down to that Im not actually caring about the amount of electricity used but the sheer disbelief that people are so inept at turning them off!

I mean is it that difficult? I am told that it is just down to people (when I say people I mean entrants of my house, namely my partner) forgetting… surely when you stop using something you instinctively turn it off? No? Just me? Apparently so…

I do tend to argue when i mention it to the forgetful non turner offer that I am concerned for the electricity being used but if I’m honest it just irritates the hell out of me! But in comparison to the bigger picture and lives great problems I think that the Kodi box being left on is the least of my worries. Verdict: Let it go.

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4 thoughts on “‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 3

  1. Ooh, the plug socket thing is a huge one of mine too, especially sockets left on when things have been unplugged, I mean, why? It’s really not that hard! It’s one I’ve had to let go too though as after 18yrs together I’ve come to realise there’s no changing him x

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    1. Haha yeah I have come to learn that there is no changing men sometimes! To be fair I’m sure that there are things that I do to irritate him that he doesn’t flag up… I find he is the less irritable of the two of us so I have taken a leaf out of his book and learnt to ‘let go’! Thank you for sharing your #letitgomoments ❤

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