‘SUMMER MADNESS’ Festival at Walpole Park, Gosport A Review

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I work most weekends, which does kinda suck at times but it does also mean that my little man gets some quality Daddy time which he does really love. I have always been of the opinion that it is essential for any child to have positive role models of both genders, whoever they may be; my little man is lucky enough to have so so many of those surrounding him… but no male role model quite like my rock god Mr. He will always be Daddy cool as he takes Jude to places like this, ‘Summer Madness’ Festival.

Most of my partners friends are also in bands which means that we get invited to most live music events that are happening in our local area or know at least one of the acts playing; this one saw our amazingly talented friends ‘Destroy The Fleet’ playing (and a cheeky Beatles tribute band… we are huge Beatles fans)


The lead singer is also somewhat of a celebrity in Gosport as is well known for his incredible artwork, Dan Williams Art. He currently has an exhibition on at the Gosport Gallery, a must see if your in the Hampshire area before 22nd October.

My man took some amazing photos (his photography skills are much better than my own as you can see!) Jude loves music, especially the Beatles actually so he adored watching it live.


‘The Brew Crew’.. classic.

It was such a family friendly festival, albeit very small (anyone who lives in Gosport knows that Walpole Park isn’t huge) but they packed it with amazing fun, food and funky music to entertain all tastes.



The small man looked like he had such a good time on the inflatables… they did have activities and rides for all ages; Jude was a little gutted that he count go on the older childrens brightly lit, musical, airplane clad merry go round bless him!


He loves to run wild and free and I have been told that he certainly kept my Mr on his toes while they chased each other around the field; Jude is amazing with routine though (routines are super important to establish as make days like this so much easier!) so rocked his pushchair when he got tired and let Daddy have some well earned beverage time with his friends!


All in all it seems like they had a wonderfully rock and roll day out with some added small person fun and frivolity! I hope they bring back this one day festival next year and maybe rockin’ mama can join!


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