Mom Date with ‘Bad Moms’ A Review

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I have recently been finding it amazingly inspiring, uplifting and motivating spending time with fellow mamas and seeking out my own mama clan. After attending a wedding recently and reconnecting with a fellow rockin’ mama that was the photographer on the day, I had arranged to meet up and go on a mamas only night with her and her awesome mama friend. It was not only an amazing chance to fly solo and connect just us ladies, but also we were further inspired and touched by our choice of evening activity; cinema date to see ‘Bad Moms’. This film had been much talked about on social media (although after seeing it i feel it wasn’t promoted enough!) and despite my initial dubiousness we decided to give it a go for a laugh. And so began our mom date with ‘Bad Moms’.


My dubiousness was put down to my passion to fight the mama corner and that we moms are entitled to have our own lives, follow our passions and definitely to have a little fun! I initially called ‘Bad Moms’ out on Twitter just briefly on how I was worried that they were trying to say that by having fun and letting our hair down meant we are ‘Bad Moms’; well I can tell you that after actually seeing this movie I could not think more of the opposite! It is an amazing and emotional depiction of motherhood in all of its beautiful, emotional yet horrific glory!

Kudos to the writers, directors and especially to Mila Kunis,  Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell for portraying such a relatable vision of motherhood that undoubtedly would make any mother feel uplifted. If you have even once worried that you are doing a bad job parenting or have those #parentingfails moments (Im sure we all have at least once!) then this is totally the film for you. It covers every type of mother perfectly and even if you think you are the perfect vision of motherhood it shows us how that actually letting your hair down every now and again and just letting go of holding up a ‘perfect’ mama lifestyle (which is entirely stressful!?) can set you free.


It follows three main mamas of different lifestyles and parenting attitudes that become over-worked and highly pressured to strive for perfection and they take the lead of one badass mom who shows them how to just let go and partake in a totally overdue lifestyle of fun, frivolity and over indulgence! It rocks! The cinema was full of laughter and tears as we all knew exactly what the characters were going through, it was truly honest and every failure and desire we have all had as mothers was just painted perfectly. The most epic scenes of girl power saw the three running drunkenly around a supermarket terrorising the staff and products hilariously; it took me back to my student years when we would raid the 24 hour Tesco for snacks in the middle of the night!


If you have not yet had a girls night out as a mama then this film will definitely make it the next thing on your ‘to do’ list when you can grab a babysitter; Mila Kunis’ character is trying to find an outfit to go out in and despite her ‘mom closet’ and what can only be described as shapewear/maternity underwear (cue the majority of the cinema guiltily peering under our tops to see if we too are still wearing nursing bras as they are so damn comfy!) the three dress up and rock their night our mama style. As they strut out of the house into the cab it is a scene that sticks with you for sure, we even decided after the film had ended that we would return to the bar next door for more drinks and have made plans to go on a girls cocktails night out!


The end was emotional, to say the least, but it made us all feel totally ok about every part of motherhood. There was a few little behind the scenes moments that showed the main actors talking to their own mothers about how they muddled through and yet their children have obviously turned out just fine!

It felt supportive and inspirational. I am genuinely recommending it to every mother I meet; I admittedly even suggested it to a customer after she commented on her own parenting skills thinking she was being a bad mother for giving her daughter a donut to eat around the store to keep her quiet while she did her food shop.

It makes us feel like we are all bad moms, and thats ok! None of us truly know what we are doing, were all figuring it out day by day. Children change daily and when you think you’ve got something figured out, like really nailed parenting, something will come along to entirely shake that up and you’ll be back to the drawing board again (Who ever invented ‘growth spurts’, ‘sleep regressions’ and ‘milestones’ can just do one… really!) Just go with the flow and rock being a mom by embracing this!

Cannot recommend this film enough. Take your mama clan to see this immediately if you have not done already. Let me know what you think (and if you were also in tears by the end like we were!)




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