‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 2


I have to admit that this week has seen me quite emotional and therefore there are probably far… far more things I should have let go than I have done. I definitely feel like having at least the intention to let things go more and be mindful that if I don let more things go then in turn I will probably be blessed with a less stressful mind. Mamas are expected to deal with so much stress and just put a loving sweet smile on our faces; god forbid we act frazzled and exhausted! So I have in fact struggled to roundup my ‘let it go moments’ but none the less there are actually two rather good ones that could actually be posts all in themselves!

1. I think the most deflating thing in social situations, personally, is when someone doesn’t understand your joke; or thinks you are being serious and doesn’t quite understand the subtleties of your humour. This has happened a couple of times this week with my beloved man, who oddly is actually known as the ‘Chandler’ of our circle of friends so it comes as quite a shock when he doesn’t take the bait of banter.

I think that not all of the blame lies on the recipient of such, apparently, confusing humour as sometimes your personality or the mood you are known to be in at certain times dictates how people will take the words you say. usually this confusion and deflation that usually results in a ‘don’t worry… it was supposed to be a joke…’ comes when I am ordinarily stressed and in me attempting to not be stressed I try take a stab at humour to lighten a situation. Clearly a mistake; #letitgo

It happens frequently at work too when a customer I am dealing with is complaining or seeking counsel as they feel let down by a product they have purchased (I work for a leading retailer, so a customer service integral role) and my attempts at humour or sarcastic banter to lighten their souls (as lets be honest most complaints are ridiculous and not even the fault of the retailer… who’s with me retail workers!?) goes down like a lead balloon. Never again.

2. After I had my little man I made a consented effort to indulge in a little ‘Davina McCall Power of 3 Workout’ twice a week in a vain attempt to regain my pre-bubba body and prepare for our wedding next year. Lets just say that after a  month or so of the same music, same commentary and same Davina cheeky jokes twice a week every week I got a little bored.


Judging my the lack of sweat and smile on my face Id say this was a ‘before’ shot…

So when my sister didn’t have space for her exercise bike in her new pad I took the opportunity to have a bit of fun while exercising; I mean who doesn’t like the thought of being able to watch a film whilst burning calories! It is epic. The only problem is that I can only use it when the little prince is in dreamland and when the Mr is not in the house (Is it only me that feels uncomfy with the thought of my man seeing me exercise?)

That little thing called ‘time’ comes to haunt me again and refines me to either A. afternoon nap time, an entity that is slowly becoming extinct so is a hit and miss each day off I have when we find ourselves in the house in the afternoon. Or B. when i have an evening off work and the Mr is gigging. This week has seen N E I T H E R of those eventualities which means no exercise bike fun for me.

To be honest my man loves me however I look and I am very aware I am nowhere near huge so I have decided to just chill about the exercise thing; if I don’t have time then it just needs to be put down as a #letitgomoment.

I hope I have inspired you to give ‘letting it go’ a go. Share your #letitgomoments with me on Twitter or Instagram.


You Baby Me Mummy

2 thoughts on “‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 2

  1. I can very much relate to letting the baby weight go! I’ve opted for booze and chocolate for a bit, I’ll worry about the fat in a few weeks!! Good luck with letting it go and I think you look great! #thelist

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