‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 1


I posted a while back about my epiphany to achieving serenity as a busy rockin’ mama and how I have started to adopt ‘let it go’ moments throughout my days to ease the building pressure that can erupt from the stresses of everyday life. Lets face it, we mamas are a busy bunch and if we can just take a breath, relax and ‘let it go’ from time to time I think it would ease our mental suffering! I have decided to share a few of my ‘let it go’ moments each week that have ended up becoming points of laughter instead the bubbling of a vocal volcano that could erupt at any given point!

1. I have to admit most of my ‘let it go’ moments relate to housework. I am guilty of getting very caught up in the stresses of struggling to find a balance between working full time, mama-ing it up and running a house. If I had to put them in priority order, being a mum ALWAYS comes first and housework salty falls third place; which means a sometimes I have to just take a deep breath and serenely surpass the mountains of washing up and toys sprawled in every room when I get in from work! This week was no exception, although I find that the thing I have been letting go is the forgetfulness of men when it comes to housework.

Wether it is forgetting to take the wet washing out of the machine or forgetting to put back the filter on the hoover then  throwing it away… Are men more forgetful than women or is it that they just don’t listen? Whichever it may be, I find that we may, unfortunately, have to just learn to ‘let it go’ and attribute it to the genetics of our opposite sex. To be honest maybe we should be grateful that they attempt to help put at all! There are some gems!

2. My little man is a hilarious source of entertainment, he spends hours on an activity; mesmerised by what he is doing. At the moment his favourite thing to play with are buttons. Now being a lover of all things textiles I have many collections of buttons and the little prince adores taking them out of one place (be it a jar, tin, drinking glass… you get the drift) and taking them to another. Even if this means going from one room to the next, one button at a time!

My house is covered in buttons! I woke up the other day and there were buttons stuck to my cheeks (not the face kind either…) He had obviously been hiding them under my duvet! So i ‘let it go’ and laughed… but seriously they are everywhere. In the plughole of the bath, under the fridge, on top of my pile of towels… how does he even get them there!

Belive me there have been may, many more moments this week that I have made me want to sing to the skies like Elsa from Frozen but these were my favourite and most hilarious. I hope I have inspired you to give ‘letting it go’ a go. Share your #letitgomoments with me on Twitter or Instagram.

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4 thoughts on “‘Let it go moments’: a weekly roundup #letitgomoments 1

    1. Haha, I don’t think as much as we remind men to do things they will ever do housework the way we do… I hate to admit that but its true! I appreciate what he does and Ive learnt to let it go when its not quite right or the way I would do it ❤ no worries! "Ill be back"


  1. Well i’m definitely on for letting the housework go! But seriously when you re busy with work and kids and blogging (!) somthings gotta give, and its got to be the housework for me. I keep it to a bare minimum. #ablogginggoodtime

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    1. I agree, I have to admit I used to let it really get me down and stress me out when I wasn’t on top of the housework. But then I realised what was ‘on top’ for me was actually quite a high standard for others and I was putting far too much pressure on myself! I just had to let it go! thank you for reading ❤


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