Maxin’ Relaxin’: Why ‘chilling’ is the secret to Mamahood.


As I have mentioned in previous *Musings* I have been known to become the occasional stress head. This was not always the case. Pre-Mamahood I was known to anyone who knew me as the ‘happy go lucky’ ‘hippy’ one; after I brought my little prince into the world everything that wouldn’t have bothered me previously suddenly seemed to be more of an annoyance to me. My partner has noted this when I get particularly hot headed, mainly because a lot of the time I create the stress myself, and I have to say I realised that something had to change. I didn’t like who I was turning into and in a world of tantrums, work, housework, bills, appointments (the list goes on…) it is hard to take time out to just chill. ‘Chilling’, I have realised, is the absolute secret key (among others of course) to remaining sane and rocking Mamahood. Because lets face it, we deserve it!


Now this may not be a surprise to you, you may be adept at the whole ‘relaxing’ thing; I however have always found this very difficult. I like to keep busy, I take on a lot of extra work/projects and people often are bewildered at how I manage to get everything done; but I just keep going. Not thinking about everything that you have to do is the key. Just plough on. H O W E V E R  I have come to the realisation that it is essential for mamas (everyone to be honest) to take time out to just relax. Solo. Now as much as I advocate and hope to inspire mamas to take time out to retain your relationship with your partner and ‘be a couple’, there is also an even higher importance on being in your own company from time to time.

I am aptly writing this after leaving a glorious bath, pyjamas on, cookie in one hand and a chilled fruit cider in the other (when I’m not typing of course!) Bliss. I was never a fan of baths and quite frankly I didn’t understand them! I always got hot and clammy, my book would get wet and I just got bored. After having my little man though I will happily set aside time for a bath, look forward to it even. I think it stemmed from the practicality and benefits of a bath for my muscles during pregnancy and it just stuck. I now find them immensely relaxing. I even light a cheeky candle to add some extra ‘chill’ to the mix.

Im not saying you have to have a bath, you could take time out to have your hair done, nails, massage or spa treatment, go swimming or even just crack open a bottle of your favourite tipple with a film. Do something for Y O U. We mama spend most of our waking day catering to children, bosses, partners… we deserve a little time to cater for ourselves for a change. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something just for you?

So go forth and relax you rockin’ mamas, its so important and you deserve it! And I’m positive your fam will appreciate having a less stressed, serene mama around!

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