Top tips for rockin’ weddings with toddlers

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So wedding season is in full swing and all of our friends are getting married in very close proximity to another, including us soon! The first wedding was ‘child-free’ which gave me and the Mr a lovely day of ‘adult-ing’ without the worries of a little person in tow. The most recent wedding of two friends was more ‘bring your child or we will never forgive you’; the bride frequently looks after Jude and they have both become Auntie/Uncle archetypes. Seeing as my man was one of the grooms ‘best men’ and spent the night with his man clan I was faced with the prospect of getting me and the small prince ready and there in one piece solo!Daunting as this may have been I was determined to rock this wedding with my toddler in tow; here are my top tips on how.


If you follow me you will know this is rare; one of the very few snaps of me and the man both rockin’ our smiles.

1. Prepare your bags the night before: Now this is of the utmost importance if like me you are planning to have a cheeky (small) glass of wine before you leave to calm those ‘please don’t act up in the middle of the ceremony’ nerves.

I decided on two bags, first The Bag of Distraction. True to its name I packed a stylish, tan, hassled shoulder satchel (as we must remain wedding stylish while disguising nappies, bananas and nappy bags! Of course.) with an assortment of small, non musical toys, snacks, nappies, nappy bags, wipes and the emergency iPad.

Now importantly DO NOT pack snacks with packaging that rustles or will make a potential mucky, chocolatey mess!

I simply went with tupperware packed cheddars, biscuits, grapes and a banana to tide him over. All of these worked like a charm, the little man did keep peering down the aisle as Daddy was at the front doing his ‘best man thang’ and after the ceremony was over he toddled down and sat with him which was super cute. Our friend was the pianist and he even let him sit on his lap and pretend play (cue adorable shot that we are waiting on from the official photographer!) We only needed the emergency iPad a couple of times and needless to say ALL of the snacks were quickly consumed! Other guests that didn’t dare venture to the wedding with their kids actually complimented my Bag if Distractions on its effectiveness… go me!

Now i think it is also wise to also have your own Mama Clutch. I took my trusty gold number which held my money, phone, keys and makeup etc so that I didn’t have to lug the Bag of Distraction with me to the bar, toilet or any potential kodak moment.


You can just see the awesome ‘Activity Pack’ that the bride put on the tables for the children; I will talk more about this later.

2. Rock your wedding outfits with NEXT next day delivery: If you are anything like me you think you have loads to wear and then when the time comes nothing looks quite right or fits how you envisaged it. Luckily I have a NEXT account and I am happy to say they were my absolute lifesavers! I also assumed the little mans smart clothes still fitted him but alas the 2 year growth spurt meant I had to find a rockin’ outfit for him too. NEXT have SO much Bambino Mix and Match for all different ages and tastes and, although their iPhone app is a little difficult to navigate at times, I ordered Jude navy trousers, blue shirt and grey shoes to match his still fitting grey waistcoat and navy bow tie. Super cute.


If you like our style, here are the links; Judes navy trousers, blue shirt, grey shoes and my navy maxi dress.

I was a little more careful ordering mine as, although the selection of dresses in the style I wanted was vast, there were a lot of high leg splits and not so many ‘wedding appropriate’ dresses (If I was going on a night out with the girls then I’d have an abundance of choices!) I did eventually select some Stunning mama gorgeousness in the form of a navy, (to match my little prince obviously) fishtail maxi dress with feature strappy neckline designed by Jessica Wright.

Seeing as I did this all last minute and was lucky enough that NEXT have next dat delivery into store so i could swiftly go pick it all up, it was a miracle that it all fit perfectly! The sizes were completely true to size and flattered my slightly ‘imperfect mama’ figure gorgeously. Me and the little man had lots of compliments and felt rockin’.

3. Luckily the bride was indeed the Hostess’ with the mostest and thought about every little detail of involving children in her day. Jude was placed in between me and the man which worked perfectly if either of us needed to leave the table and he felt comfortable sandwiched between his rents. At Judes place was a booster seat attached to the chair and an amazing Activity Pack for him full of lots of fun things to keep him occupied with (His favourite of these was the bubbles, clearly, and colouring in set) This came in very handy when it was time for the speeches!


4. Let them run free: If you are in an enclosed area for the Wedding Breakfast and/or Reception and there is music and a dance floor; let them run free! Take a seat, enjoy your drink, socialise, they can’t go far and as long as you can see them, enjoy!  If it is a family or close friends wedding the chances are there will be an abundance of adoring fans of your child that will be looking out for them. Jude certainly was no exception to this, pretty much the entire wedding party fell in love with his little toddles back and forth across the room. Bless.

5. Go with the Flow: Easier said than done right? But please do try. I was in an extremely heightened state of stress before we entered the ceremony as the small man had just woken up and was groggy BUT he amazed me and with all of the tips above I used it was a breeze!

We were also lucky enough to have a family member come and pick up the small man, take him home, read him a story and pop him to bed for us so we could do some ‘adult-ing’ with our friends before the night ended. It was a perfect day and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to rock that wedding with my toddler in tow. Let me know of any tips you have and your experiences of rockin’ wedding with toddlers.




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11 thoughts on “Top tips for rockin’ weddings with toddlers

  1. Great tips! We took our 2 year old to my friend’s evening wedding reception last week and just basically let her loose on the dancefloor…she loved it! That and lots of cake meant that we could relax (kind of) and have a drink. She stayed up until 10pm also! #coolmumclub

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  2. Love your dress! And of course his super-cute smart outfit. We have done a few weddings with kids, and the older they get, the more fun they get! Needless to say though, I am also quite partial to some adult-ing at a wedding – you can’t beat a bit of drunk dancing!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Why thank you! It served me well. He will be 2 1/2 at our wedding in March so we’ll just see how that pans out… cue ‘Rockin’ YOUR OWN Wedding with toddlers’! Its all about the adult-ing… all about it! No worries I’ll be back next week ❤


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