W O N D E R L A N D – ‘Hundred Acre Woods’ A Review

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If you go down to the woods today…

During a penniless summer way before my little man was on the horizon, I found myself roaming the Hampshire countrysides to find stunning scenery to enhance my passion for photography of the weird and wonderful in nature. I happened to find the amazing
‘Hundred Acre Woods’ in the heart of The Forest of Bere. I recalled this amazing hidden gem and decided to take the little and bigger man on a Sunday adventure.

It has a vast maze of rambling walks and trails that feature amazing sights like natural branch teepees and wigwams that echo the simplicity and genius of the Forest Schools of Scandinavia. There are also two lush play gardens for different ages in the West Walk area; we did originally only find one and I have to say I was massively disappointed in the lack of age appropriate activities for my little man, B U T the Mr spotted a little secret entrance to a toddler heaven of a play area! If you into natural play and your little tykes being at one with nature then this little cave of natural wonders is definitely for you. As you walk in there are swings (pretty standard I know but just you wait) leading on to a treehouse with a lookout post at the top that peers over the huge walk in sandpit.


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 20.49.44


Behind the treehouse you have two naturally built cutesie little toddler sized play houses and a lush hand painted wooden totem pole with a little cubby hole at the base (which would be perfection for those cheeky Instagram photos if only my little adventurer would feel like complying with my kodak moment dream)


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 20.49.30


For my little man, who adores running wild and free, this place was amazing; despite there being loads of other families around everyone was super friendly and it didn’t feel crowded as the space is so vast. There was very rarely the standard ‘invading older child’ trying to take over the area or activity that your child is already engrossed in, which is always so disheartening. We even managed to bag a few cheeky pinecones and twigs, that were clutched onto the entire drive home.


These huge natural stepping stones were my favourite!


When I tell you that all you have to pay for is the parking charge, which in itself is really reasonable, it is a total no brainer. It complied with my natural need for a day of calm and chill in the belly of nature A N D also a wild, natural playground for the little man to run free… done.

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