Rock your kids next Birthday Party: Tribal style.

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know that my little prince recently turned the big T W O and fortunately for him I am a lover of a themed Birthday Party and can’t resist getting a bit crafty (think less fox like, more arts and crafts) Last year for his first ever birthday I held a Nautical themed party for the small man, and after a pretty minimal amount of musing I swiftly decided to go for a very minimalist Tribal/Native American theme; inspired by Judes much loved Disney classic Peter Pan. I have always tried to gently persuade Jude to fall in love with Disney and he is usually more of a Pixar lover but he adores Peter Pan; Tiger Lily (who our cat is named after!) and the Big Chief lend themselves greatly to inspire and culture young minds… and party themes obviously…

Doniford Farm fun Mummy Blogger

F A R M Y A R D F U N: Doniford Farm A Review.

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At least once or twice a year I travel with the little man to the Somerset, the country of bumpkins, to visit the mama. We both love a road trip and thanks to my top 10 tips on seamless road tripping’ adventures with toddlers, they are so much fun and really looked forward to!  Boushka (as my mama is known to the small man as it is Russian for Grandmother and she is a fan of quirk) lives in the heart of a town called Williton and is surrounded by gorgeous countryside; we’re talking rolling fields, an abundance of sheep,
stiles, homegrown fruit and veg sold in local newspaper shops and the recurrent faint ‘choo choo’s’ of a steam train. My favourite ‘Somerset go to place’ that me and the little man adore is a nearby local, family run beaut called Doniford Farm. I have decided that the awesomeness of this place needs to be shared in this review; did I mention it is free entry?! 

The value of a rockin’ mamas time; is it taken for granted?


This is something that I have frequently stumbled upon as a mother who tries her hardest to juggle motherhood, a career, a social life, maintaining my relationship, family, regular exercise and hobbies. I started this blog as I noticed that their are loads of rockin’ mamas that feel that they are stuck in this ‘motherhood’ role and that they have to solely devote all their time to this role in order to reach societies expectations. This is wrong… And so upsetting to see, as you can still be just as awesome and keep yourself Y O U whilst being an awesome mama with just a little bit of balance and time. There it is… Time…


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So I don’t know about any of you, but my little man loves a good ol’ fashioned bedtime story; to the point at times that he demands that the same one be read at least three times before bed. I mean I have always stood by the view that a child should, without fail, be read a bedtime story; it is so important from a young age for it to be built into a solid bedtime routine to help their little brains thrive and imaginations grow. My little dude has always been a massive fan of the bedtime story and his favourites, though they shift slightly from time to time, have always been pretty solid.

W O N D E R L A N D – ‘Hundred Acre Woods’ A Review

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If you go down to the woods today…

During a penniless summer way before my little man was on the horizon, I found myself roaming the Hampshire countrysides to find stunning scenery to enhance my passion for photography of the weird and wonderful in nature. I happened to find the amazing
‘Hundred Acre Woods’ in the heart of The Forest of Bere. I recalled this amazing hidden gem and decided to take the little and bigger man on a Sunday adventure.

Why I started Rock and Roses Mama blog… So it begins…


I’ve always loved writing and have felt passionately about my parenting beliefs… but starting  Rock and Roses Mama blog was not on my immediate agenda until very recently.

Being a Gemini, I have often struggled with the varying sides of my eclectic personality; becoming a mama was no different and in fact possibly heightened this constant feeling of being torn between two polar opposite personas. I was always a ‘good girl’ who excelled academically and socially but found a constant need to be